Maran Ramani2Associate Professor
Associate Program Director, Neonatal-Perinatal Fellowship Program 
Director, Neonatal Neuro-ICU

Division of Neonatology


Medical School
Madras Medical College, India; MBBS – Bachelors in Medicine and Bachelors in Surgery
University of Alabama at Birmingham, AL; Masters in Public Health
Internship and Residency
Texas Tech University, TX
Neonatal-Perinatal Fellowship
University of Alabama at Birmingham, AL


Synaptic Plasticity and Memory Following Hyperoxia Exposure in Newborn Rodent Model
My laboratory investigates the long-term effect hyperoxia exposure on the brain development and function in rodent model. Specially, we are studying the synaptic mechanisms by which hyperoxia impairs hippocampal development and function. We are also investigating the mechanism by which vitamin A improves the hyperoxia-induced hippocampal dysfunction. Our laboratory is specialized in hippocampal electrophysiological studies (long-term potentiation, long-term depression), rodent cognitive behavior assessment, and neuronal and molecular techniques such as immunohistochemistry, western blot, ELISA and, qPCR.

Improving Neonatal Outcomes in Infants Born in Resource Limited Countries
We study and develop low cost interventions to prevent neonatal hypothermia in infants born in Zambia. We collaborate and educated midwives, nurses, pediatricians at the University Teaching Hospital in Zambia to implement proven low cost interventions to improve neonatal outcomes. With partnership of the University of Alabama, USA and the University Teaching Hospital, Zambia, we study low to no-cost interventions such as plastic bags, kangaroo mother care, and cardboard box to improve outcomes in term and preterm infants born at the UTH.


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