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Sims Brian 2008SQUAREProfessor

Division of Neonatology

Additional Titles

Director, Brain Hemorrhage Prevention Program and Community Program for Reduction of Perinatal Mortality
Director, Antenatal Consult Service
Director, Comfort Care Clinic


University of Alabama at Birmingham; Bachelor in Science
University of Alabama at Birmingham; PhD
Medical School
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Clinical Research Fellow
Washington University School of Medicine
Neonatal-Perinatal Fellowship
University of Alabama at Birmingham


My primary research interest is in exosome biology and mechanisms involved in neuroprotection. In my laboratory, we intend to understand and describe intrinsic defense mechanisms in the brain that can be manipulated leading to neuroprotection. These studies have led to research which examines the role of multiple pathways describing novel neuroprotective strategies.  One of my primary roles as a Physician Scientist is to help develop younger trainees. I am involved heavily in training many students on various levels with an emphasis on helping students from diverse backgrounds. I have demonstrated a sincere interest in increasing diversity in the academic setting. I am a co-Investigator and Co-Director of the UAB Roadmap Scholars Program in Neuroscience an NIH R25 designed to increase diversity of neuroscience trainees. I am also PI for the UAB Paradigm Program which is an NIH R25  with the intent to increase the numbers of minority students in medicine and graduate school.


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