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Admin Professional 2023

On behalf of the Department of Pediatrics, we appreciate the significant contributions of all of our Administrative Professionals. You are key to our success and central to our mission by enabling us to take care of the children of Alabama. We honor you on April 26, but are thankful for you each and every day of the year.

DOP Staff Wellness and Recognition Committee

See below for more information about Administrative Professionals Day including resources to help you advance your career.

The job title ‘administrative professional’ is actually more of an umbrella term for multiple jobs that fall under the category. In fact, with close to a hundred jobs landing under the title of administrative professional, it’s possible that a person specializing in one of these fields doesn’t even realize they’re considered administration. The International Association of Administrative Professionals defines administrative professionals as individuals who are responsible for administrative tasks and coordinate information in order to support an office environment, and who are dedicated to furthering their growth in their chosen profession. In today’s business environment, the position is an extension of the executive team as tasks become more automated and admins are more efficient than ever. Admins are business partners to the executives, departments, and companies they support. They are often one of the few employees in a company who knows the entire business and is expected to understand how the company’s unique business system works. Administration includes a wide variety of duties including office management, onboarding, employee/guest relations, clerical work, data entry and analytics, human resources processes and record maintenance.

Below is a list of some of the different job titles falling under the category of administrative professional:

  • Administrative or Executive Assistant

  • Secretary or Receptionist

  • Billing and Account Team Members

  • Data Entry Specialist

  • Office Manager

  • Human Resources Administrator

Administrative Professionals can now train for their CAP Certification (Certified Administrative Professional). Learn more about this certification on the IAAP website

Also, take advantage of these free courses through our LinkedIn Learning site:

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  • Search Administrative Professional at the top of the page and check out the Advance Your Career as an Administrative Professional learning path.