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Medical Physics Residency in Imaging

A CAMPEP accredited two-year medical physics residency in medical imaging is available in the Physics and Engineering Division of the Department of Radiology, University of Alabama Medical Center. The position usually begins July 1st. The requirements for entrance into the Medical Physics Residency program are graduation from a CAMPEP Graduate Medical Physics program or attainment of a certificate from an approved CAMPEP Graduate program for the initial didactic courses. The goal of the UAB Diagnostic Imaging Physics Residency program is to provide the opportunity for those individuals with this background to gain training as Diagnostic Imaging Physicists. The objectives are to provide educational training and clinical experience in diagnostic radiological imaging, (including general radiology and fluoroscopy, CT, angiography, ultrasound, and mammography), MRI, Nuclear Medicine (including PET), and Informatics.

Residents participate in clinical support, teaching, and clinical imaging research as training for a career in Medical Physics. For more information, see general information and training essentials for Core X-ray and CT, MRI, Nuclear Medicine, and PACS

Residency Program Overview

Certificates are given upon satisfactory completion at the Radiology Annual Awards Program held in June of each year or upon completion of a full two year time. Training essentials consist of didactic lectures, clinical duties, teaching, attendance at Conferences, and completion of special requirements relating to ethics, HIPPA, and Conflicts of Interest.

Successful completion consists of:

1. completion of two full years (24 months),
2. satisfactory completion of all of the core competencies for each rotation,
3. passing grades in all of the didactic courses,
4. completion of all of the extra assignments covering material outside of the
didactic courses,
5. attendance at the specified number of conferences, radiation safety
committee meetings, and
6. participation in education activities, such as giving noon conferences to radiologists or physicists, and by giving lectures. The residents assist with the labs that are part of the Introductory course given to the Radiology Residents course.

A two-year postdoctoral fellowship program in medical physics was initiated in 1978. Throughout its existence, the program has had as its main goal the training of individuals as medical physicists with a prime emphasis on clinical training. Since that beginning a total of 24 individuals have successfully completed the program. Of those 22 have become ABR certified. Statistics on the numbers of individuals applying, completion and general classifications of positions attained are provided in the table below.

No. of
No. Accepting
of Graduates
2010 16 1 Dec. 2010 Dec. 2012 Clinical
2011 14 1 Oct. 2011 Oct. 2013 Clinical
2012 4 0      
2013 17 1 Jan. 2014 Jan. 2016 Clinical
2014 14 0      
2015 8 0      



April 2016
July 2016
April 2018
July 2018 
2017 0 0 N/A    
2018 30 1 July 2018    
2019 31 1 July 2019    

The UAB Department of Radiology performs approximately 550,000 exams yearly, utilizing a full range of diagnostic and nuclear medicine imaging equipment including PET/CT scanners and a PET/MRI scanner. There are seven faculty members in the Division and all are diplomates of the American Board of Radiology. There are up to two residents at a given time.

Applicants should submit a letter outlining their career objectives, a Curriculum Vita, official undergraduate and graduate transcripts, and three letters of reference provided separately. No application will be considered without all required documentation.  December 2015

UAB is an equal opportunity employer.

Contact Information:

Sharon L. White, Ph.D., Program Director  
Department of Radiology - University of Alabama Hospital
619 19th Street South - GSB 301-G -Birmingham, Alabama 35249-6830