The Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery is dedicated to educating the next generation of cardiac and thoracic surgeons, having trained more than six residents over the past six years through its Cardiothoracic Surgery Residency Program.

This dedication to the future of CT surgery and commitment to educating trainees has culminated in a program whose success can be measured by the caliber of its graduates. Our Cardiothoracic Surgery Residency prepares residents to become outstanding cardiothoracic surgeons who are equipped not only to obtain American Board of Thoracic Surgery (ABTS) certification, but also to become leaders within both academic and community settings.

Residents completing the program should reach a competency level of 4, as defined by the Thoracic Surgery Milestone Project, which includes six competency levels of training: Patient care, medical knowledge, practice-based learning and development, systems-based practice, professionalism and interpersonal skills and communications.

The UAB Cardiothoracic Surgery Program includes exposure to advanced techniques, such as robotic surgery, ECMO/VAD/heart/lung transplantation, and transcatheter aortic valve and mitral valve procedures. To a certain degree, residents may also be able to customize part of their training within the structure of the program according to their respective career goals.