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Dr. Byrne is an accomplished and creative Scientist performing research at the international level both in the academia and in industry. He has more than 25 years of industry and academic research experience involving development of new technologies in gene regulation, drug development, immunology, and critical advances in the xenotransplantation field. He pioneered the development of binary gene regulation methods for controlling gene expression in transgenic animals using the Herpes simplex virus VP16 transactivator. This work culminated in an early transgenic mouse patent (Patent #5,221,778) and later development of tetracycline repressor based gene regulation (Patent # 5,917,122). Binary gene regulation is now commonly used in transgenic research.

As Director of Research and Development at Nextran, Inc., a subsidiary of Baxter International, the team he managed was responsible for developing Gal-specific drugs to modulate the anti-Gal antibody response in nonhuman primates and for developing genetically modified pigs with a targeted mutation in the -galactosyl transferase gene thereby creating a strain of pigs deficient in production of the major xenogeneic antigen. He had broad responsibility for molecular analysis of transgenic pigs and immunological analysis of pig-to-primate cardiac xenotransplantation. Dr. Byrne created a variety of transgenic pigs for xenotransplantation and produced the first transgenic pig line approved for use in an FDA approved clinical trial.

At Mayo Clinic, he continued his research in xenotransplantation and led the field in using proteomic and genetic screening to define new non-Gal pig antigens that contribute to xenograft rejection. This led to the seminal identification of the SDa blood group as a significant xenogeneic glycan in pig tissue. He was the first in the field to apply modern genome wide scanning methods to the analysis of xenograft rejection. His current research interests at UCL centre on translational research leveraging the expertise and resources developed for xenotransplantation to advance development of new platforms for improved bioprosthetic devices for treating cardiovascular disease.


Doctorate in Biology
Princeton University

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Yale University


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