Dr. Thomas WangDepartment of Surgery Professor and Chief of Surgical Oncology at the Birmingham Veterans Affairs (VA) Thomas Wang, M.D., Ph.D., was recently recognized as a VA Medical Center Five Star Service recipient in a virtual ceremony.

The Five Star Service Award, which recognizes team members who have enhanced service and exemplified the spirit of teamwork, is a high distinction. Often, a VA team member is designated for the award by a patient letter expressing their gratitude.

In Wang’s case, he was recognized by a patient who he treated by surgically removing a soft tissue neoplasm, which fortunately turned out to be a benign lipoma. The patient was thrilled with the experience and outcome, expressing their gratitude not only to Wang, but to the whole professional team overseeing their case.

“The process was efficient, professional and everyone involved, from Dr. Wang to the orderlies, was so nice,” said the patient. “I am happy to be rid of the lipoma!”

VA Physician Assistant Traci Billingsley, was also recognized by the patient and is honored to work alongside Wang.

“Dr. Wang is incredibly humble, so I am glad that he has been recognized at an institutional level for what an incredible provider he is,” said Billingsley. “His clinical expertise is second-to-none, and he truly cares about each patient who walks through our doors. Dr. Wang is very deserving of this award.”

Wang joined the UAB Department of Surgery Division of Surgical Oncology in 2007. He is a prolific author and researcher with over six book chapters and numerous publications. He is a committed medical educator serving as the co-director of the Surgical Oncology Conference—training both residents and medical students.

In 2014, Wang received the Argus Award which recognized his excellence in post-doctoral teaching for hematology-oncology. His clinical interests include thyroid and parathyroid diseases, adrenal neoplasms, pancreatic and hepatobiliary tumors, gastrointestinal malignancies, melanoma and soft tissue sarcomas.