Dr. Jayme Locke OperationThe UAB Comprehensive Transplant Institute (CTI) has released its 2021 Annual Report for patients, providers, and the public to review. The report details the accomplishments of 2021 and is dedicated to the late Arnold Diethelm, M.D., a pioneer of transplantation.

The CTI, established in 2011, is one of the most active organ transplant centers in the nation, performing more than 400 procedures annually, including heart, lung, kidney, pancreas, liver, and multi-organ transplants.

This year, the CTI oversaw:

  • 1,389 living donor screenings
  • 342 total kidney transplants
  • 3,397 total referrals, for all organs
  • 17,689 samples tested
  • 674 organs transplanted nationally from Legacy of Hope Organ Center
  • $2.5 million in NIH active research funding for transplant faculty

The annual report also details new advancements that the institute has made, such as the transplant app that was developed and launched in fall 2020, as well as several patient education resource videos. Additionally, the report highlights the new uterus transplantation program and continued efforts in xenotransplantation.

UAB is one of the busiest transplant centers in the nation, performing more than 400 transplants each year across all organ groups. We also have the largest comprehensive program in the Southeast, performing 100 more transplants each year than any other program in the region.

With a team of internationally-renowned surgeons, physicians, researchers and numerous support staff, the CTI is well-positioned to continue its history of leadership and achievement. To read the report, click here.