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The Alabama Udall Center hosts monthly meetings for the Center scientific team, the clinical team of providers and staff in the UAB Movement Disorders Clinic, and any others in the UAB community with interests in PD and neuro-inflammation. These meetings provide a platform for speakers to share a wide variety of information related to PD, including basic research, research methods, clinical research, and clinical evaluation.

These meetings are held every 4th Tuesday of the month, 3:30-5:00 pm, in Sparks Center 330. A conference option is available. The meetings are open to everyone with an interest in PD and related disorders.

Speakers/topics to date:

 10/23/2018 Laura Volpicelli-Daley, PhD Functional and structural defects produced by alpha-synuclein inclusions in neurons
 10/23/2018 Amy Amara, MD, PhD  Sleep and cognition in Parkinson’s disease
 11/27/2018  Adam Gerstenecker, PhD  Assessing cognitive function in early Parkinson's disease
 11/27/2018 Curtis Hendrickson PD human RNA-Seq vs. stimulated macrophage expression analysis
 1/22/2019 Jonathan McConathy, MD, PhD Neuroinflammation imaging in patients with Parkinson’s Disease
 1/22/2019 Hongwei Qin, PhD Correlation of immune cell phenotypes and zctivation of the JAK/STAT pathway in PBMCs from new diagnosed Parkinson’s disease patients with sex, age and disease scores: human blood sample analysis from MJFF study
 4/23/2019 Talene Yacoubian, MD, PhD  Impact of 14-3-3s on alpha-synuclein transmission
 4/23/2019  Edward Griffin, PhD Using C. elegans to investigate neuroprotective and risk-associated genes in Alzheimer's disease
 5/28/2019 Aubrey Schonhoff  Activated border-associated macrophages mediate peripheral cell infiltration in an AAV2 alpha-synuclein model of Parkinson disease
 5/28/2019 Gregory Williams CD4 T cells mediate CNS myeloid inflammation and neurodegeneration in a mouse model of Parkinson disease
 7/23/2019 Karen Jaunarajs, PhD, and  Mariangela Scarduzio, PhD Cholinergic mechanisms in mouse models of dystonia
 08/27/2019 Harrison Walker, MD Directional DBS for PD: biomarkers to understand pathophysiology in human brain circuits
 09/24/2019 Karen Gamble, PhD Dysregulated neurophsiology in PD: it's a matter of time
 09/24/2019 Rita Cowell, PhD Using single-cell transcriptomics to choose the most representative tree in the PD GWAS forest