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The Alabama Udall Center includes a mission to conduct outreach and training in Parkinson’s disease research and care, both within the UAB community and with the local and national Parkinson community. This mission is accomplished by a variety of means:

  • Annual Alabama Udall Center Retreat: The Alabama Udall Center organizes an annual Retreat, which be attended by the faculty, staff and students of the Program labs, as well as other investigators with interests in PD and neuro-inflammation. In addition, we will invite both the Internal and External Advisor Committees to attend and offer advice and critiques of the progress and plans of the program.
  • Annual Alabama Udall Center Symposium: The Alabama Udall Center partners with Parkinson Association of Alabama to conduct a symposium to present research results to the local community.
  • Monthly Alabama Udall Center Interdisciplinary Meetings: The Alabama Udall Center hosts monthly meetings for the Center scientific team, the clinical team of providers and staff in the UAB Movement Disorders Clinic, and any others in the UAB community with interests in PD and neuro-inflammation. These meetings provide a platform for speakers to share a wide variety of information related to PD, including basic research, research methods, clinical research, and clinical evaluation.
  • Training and career development: The Alabama Udall Center partners with existing training programs and activities at UAB to promote participation at all levels in the Udall Center. Partner programs include the monthly clinical case video conference, the T32 Training Program in Neurodegeneration, and the R25 UAB Neuroscience Roadmap Scholars Program.