The Research on Calculus Kinetics (R.O.C.K) Society held its annual meeting on March 25-26 in Scottsdale, Arizona. The conference was an eventful one for the UAB Department of Urology; it was also the first time the group had convened in person since the pandemic began.FOv9L7BVkAIT2Ww

"After attending virtual meetings for over two years, it was a pleasure to finally meet and reconnect with my colleagues from across the country and present our latest research findings," said faculty member Tanecia Mitchell, Ph.D. 

Several of our faculty, residents and medical students provided key takeaways. "Many of our faculty members delivered formal presentations that were outstanding and well-received," said  Dean Assimos, M.D., Department Chair of Urology. Below are some highlights of the presentations, posters and moderated sessions:

Lama Nazzal & Kyle Wood

  • Hyperoxaluria and Antibiotics

Aaron W. Miller & Tanecia Mitchell

  • Searching for Determinants of Kidney Stone Disease

Joseph J. Crivelli

  • The Gulo(-/-) Mouse: A Useful Model for Studying Endogenous Oxalate Production From Ascorbic Acid

Tanecia Mitchell

  • Mitochondrial and Lysosomal Function In Myeloid Cells via IL-10 Signaling
  • Basic Biology of Kidney Stones

The R.O.C.K. Society began in 1978 as a dedicated research society focused on kidney stone disease. Membership includes urologists, nephrologists, endocrinologists, veterinarians, and PhD scientists from a variety of disciplines... The R.O.C.K. Society brings together the best and brightest in the specialty to debate and discuss the latest developments and to provide an opportunity for scientific assessment and dialogue among researchers, physicians, and healthcare providers involved in kidney stone management.