As a MERIT Scholar, trainees are required to take a set of courses to prepare them for their next steps as a researcher and educator. 

  • GRD709: Grant Writing for Postdocs – a semester-long course that provides Scholars with instruction on the writing, submission, review, and administration of a grant application

    GRD773: Introduction to Research Lab Management – a semester-long course that introduces Scholars to managing lab budgets, personnel, safety, regulatory compliance, and project / time management

    GRD705: Teaching at the College Level – a semester long course that uses evidence-based principles of effective teaching to instruct course design, effective syllabus design, crafting learning objectives, enhancing lectures, testing and grading, dealing with challenging students and situations, and accessing appropriate learning strategies

    GRD713: Mentoring 101 – a seminar course that covers the science and theory on mentoring, including the mentor-mentee relationship; mentoring strategies; applying different mentoring models to the classroom

    GRD750: CIRTL Seminar on Learninga seminar course that covers the science of learning, focusing on the student’s ability to demonstrate, analyze, and evaluate learning practices.

    GRD716: Developing a Teaching Portfolio – a course that guides Scholars in the development of a teaching portfolio for documenting and improving teaching practices, and drafting a Philosophy of Teaching

    GRD751: CIRTL Seminar on Teaching Methods – a course that introduces the science of teaching, pedagogical approaches to teaching, and effective teaching methods that relate to basic learning theories.

    GRD755: Teaching Practicum – a course that provides a structured observation and practicum experience in which they shadow a faculty member as they teach a semester-long course and engage in a variety of guided teaching activities


    Required RCR and Rigor & Reproducibility Training

    GRD717: Principles of Scientific Integrity – a hybrid course that combines on-line instruction and in-person training components.

    Rigor & Reproducibility Training - completion of either:

    Core Concepts in Research: Critical Thinking and Error Analysis course, which explores the causes and consequences of data irreproducibility and discusses best-practice procedures to minimize it; or

    Kaizen R2T (rigor, reproducibility, transparency) Platform, which is an online educational game based upon the review of articles with a focus on common errors and fallacies in scientific research.