Charlotte Boles, a junior Public Health major, chronicled "invisible disabilities" in a documentary for UAB's "Stories from the Line" class.
The innate immune systems of plants and plant pathogens are in a biological arms race, and if plants lose, food sources may diminish. Mukhtar probes the genetics and molecular mechanisms of plant immunity.
At a recent UAB-hosted conference, researchers discussed interdisciplinary approaches to help patients make their own, well-informed choices.
The tech-packed location in Sterne Library aims to be a hub of innovation and entrepreneurship on campus.
In a new study in JAMA Internal Medicine, researchers used data from the CARDIA study to investigate the long-term effects of marijuana use on verbal memory and other cognitive functions.
UAB researcher Eugenia Kharlampieva, Ph.D., is designing “smart” particles to deliver cancer drugs to tumors. She has found that changes in the shape and elasticity of these tiny carriers greatly influence their ability to reach cancer cells — and kill them.
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