UAB program recognized as Top 25 Best Online degree

The Accelerated Bachelor’s/Master’s program in the UAB Department of Physics has been recognized as a Top 25 Best Online program by The Bachelor’s Degree Center.

Top.25.2A University of Alabama at Birmingham College of Arts and Sciences’ department has been recognized for its undergraduate and graduate accelerated bachelor’s and master’s degree program. The Bachelor’s Degree Center ranked the UAB Department of Physics in its 25 Best Online Accelerated Combined Physics BS/MS for 2021.

The UAB Accelerated Bachelor’s/Master’s physics program provides students the opportunity to take up to 12 graduate-level credits while pursuing their undergraduate degree. The integration of the two degrees allows students to graduate with their bachelor’s and master’s degrees in five years, saving students up to a year of time.

“The UAB physics ABM degree is a state-of-the-art, distance-accessible program that brings together the best of face-to-face and in-laboratory research experiences with new AI-enabled, socially rich, remotely accessible activities,” said Ilias Perakis, Ph.D., chair of the Department of Physics. “At UAB, this combination is perfected by world-renowned faculty using the latest education research results.”

By tailoring the required on-campus experimental and research work to the individual, this flexible ABM degree allows students to take a large percentage of the required courses from across the United States and even the world.  

The ABM program also prepares UAB students for the demands of today’s world through integrated experiential learning.   

“With the emergence of the Quantum Information era and the U.S. National Quantum Initiative, demand is now rapidly growing for students trained in quantum computing and quantum physics,” Perakis said. “Our program accomplishes this on both experimental and computational fronts.”

Students can choose to engage in research and modeling in quantum optics, quantum cryptography, quantum materials and quantum information. Those interested in branching out in other areas may also complete a master’s degree in data science, through a partnership with the Department of Computer Science.

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By implementing a technology-enabled and laboratory-based approach to higher education, this new ABM program empowers UAB physics graduates to move on and continue their graduate education or secure high-paying jobs in private sectors and industry.

The Department of Physics supports the economic development of Birmingham and Alabama by establishing a thriving local hub for innovation and creativity. UAB offers several degree programs in the accelerated bachelor’s/master’s programs. To see a list and learn how to apply, click here.