April 19, 2018

UAB will launch new master’s in data science program this fall

Written by: Tiffany Westry

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data science streamThe University of Alabama at Birmingham College of Arts and Sciences will launch a new master’s degree in data science this fall. The program will give students and professionals a unique opportunity to maximize their career prospects.

The program is designed for students and professionals who wish to acquire knowledge and skills for solving real-world problems that involve exceptionally large volumes of datasets.

“According to popular job sites including LinkedIn and Glassdoor, data scientists have consistently been among the most sought-after professionals,” said Yuilang Zheng, Ph.D., chair of the UAB Department of Computer Science. “The shortage in data science talent is projected to grow in future. The new master’s in data science program aims to produce graduates who will receive solid training in state-of-the-art big data theory and techniques in modeling and solving real-world problems with the most appropriate analytical techniques.”

Modern technologies have created enormous amounts of data. Businesses are accumulating new data faster than they can figure out what to do with it. That is where data scientists come in. They sort through the data, use mathematical models to analyze it and make it easier to understand. Then they suggest how to use the information to make decisions. Data such as online behavior, shopping habits, crime statistics or medical samples from patients can provide new ways for businesses to improve customer experiences, indicate where to direct additional resources to solve problems or get researchers one step closer to the next medical breakthrough.

The UAB master’s in data science program will equip students with essential skills in data science and analytics, including how to apply methods and technologies required for making strategic decisions, critical skills for collecting and managing massive datasets, fundamental techniques for modeling and quantitative analysis of massive datasets, and skills with implementing efficient solutions to real-world problems. Most courses will be offered through the UAB Department of Computer Science, while some electives will be offered through the Collat School of Business.

Data science and analytics are becoming an integral part of many fields of study. This new degree will give students and professionals a unique opportunity to combine their cross-disciplinary interests in data science and other disciplines, such as business analytics and cybersecurity, and maximize their career prospects.

To learn more, visit the program website.