Jeff Hansen

Jeff Hansen

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Research Editor • (205) 209-2355

Communicates UAB research discoveries and initiatives from across the university for a variety of audiences.

Specific beats include: biochemistry; cell, developmental and integrated biology; microbiology; molecular genetics; neurobiology; pathology; pharmacology and tocixology; Alabama Drug Discovery Alliance; Bill L. Harbert Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

The testing at UAB will investigate immune responses to the vaccine in mice — an important step before any Phase 1 human safety trial in patients later this year.

Francis Collins, M.D., Ph.D., visited UAB just as COVID-19 appeared near the NIH.

An immune reaction to COVID-19 infection called cytokine storm syndrome can be fatal to COVID-19 patients.

The tuberculosis bacteria induce increased hydrogen sulfide production by human macrophages, which increases pathogenesis.

Manipulating cellular metabolism may provide a promising therapeutic intervention in autoimmune diseases.
This suggests the possibility of cross-talk that heightens pathogenesis in Type 1 diabetes.

Chaplin has been chosen as a distinguished fellow by the American Association of Immunologists for his contributions to the field of immunology.

Influenza NS1 can bind with the cell’s RIG-I protein, blocking the innate immune response
Coronary microvascular dysfunction is a precursor to later heart disease, heart failure and possible death.
Unsuspected genetic variation among strains of mice can surreptitiously confound data results.
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