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Join UAB’s O’Neal Comprehensive Cancer Center to learn about the rare blood cancer multiple myeloma.
UAB’s Exercise is Medicine program aims to help patients prevent chronic problems before they start and adopt healthier lifestyles.
Exercise is important for heart health; but if you are experiencing heart problems during exercise, it may be time to schedule an appointment with your primary care physician.
Many people experience sadness, fatigue and a lack of interest in daily life when days get shorter and weather gets colder. That might just be the “holiday blues,” but it also could be a medical condition known as seasonal affective disorder.
UAB has been certified in ventricular assist devices every two years since 2008.
UAB School of Nursing provides future nurse anesthetists hands-on training through partnerships with UAB Hospital and their growing Doctor of Nursing Practice Pathway for Nurse Anesthesia.
Nutrition plays a role in building a resilient heart to battle against disease and can be done through small changes, like reducing sodium intake and excess saturated fats.
The ninth annual Rare Disease Genomics Symposium will take place virtually March 4 from 12-4:30 p.m.
The virtual webinar will explore the importance and helpful tools that entail accuracy and transparency of pandemic news.
The program will prepare Xavier’s promising students with a solid foundation for dental school.
Heart-healthy recipes have numerous other health benefits as well, such as strengthening gastrointestinal health and lowering blood-sugar and cholesterol levels.
Heffron will assume the role of director July 1, 2022.
UAB School of Nursing professor receives $2.3 million to implement and study nurse resiliency programs as the coronavirus pandemic continues.
UAB infectious diseases expert will discuss mask fit, filtration and effectiveness during the coronavirus pandemic in a free webinar Feb. 17 from noon-1 p.m.
This is the first time eye care will be provided on-site at the 1917 Clinic.
The new procedure uses a balloon to separate bones in the shoulder, reducing pain and allowing physical therapy a chance to work.
UAB’s new intraoperative MRI suite allows for real time magnetic resonance imaging during surgical procedures.
UAB maternal-fetal medicine specialists partner with the DCH Health System to provide specialized care for high-risk pregnancy patients in West Alabama.
The Cardiogenomics Clinic uses a patient’s genetic history to help develop a personalized treatment plan based on their genetic results.
Kitchen fires make up nearly a quarter of all burn injuries treated at the UAB Burn Center.

UAB Medicine is hosting hiring fairs in February for careers in health care.

The UAB Trauma Center is busier than ever as the number of trauma cases at UAB Hospital has reached record levels.
The O’Neal Comprehensive Cancer Center’s cardio-oncology program exhibits commitment to excellence in its resources and patient care, receiving the GOLD certification from ICOS.
Project ECHO is designed to connect family medicine and primary care practitioners across Alabama with teams of experts to help them better care for patients suffering from depression.
The facility will produce a reliable supply of isotopes for the United States Department of Energy Isotope Program.
Learn about the importance of screenings and HPV vaccines to help prevent cervical cancer.
Jim Parsons’ legacy paves the way for thousands to potentially receive lifesaving organs through UAB’s xenotransplantation program.
The parking deck at Cooper Green Mercy Health Services is coming down to make way for a new clinic building.
When the U.S. Ski Team went to the World Cup competition in Croatia, a UAB orthopaedic doctor went with them.
Modeled on the state’s trauma system, the Alabama Statewide Stroke System will help improve emergency response for stroke patients.
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