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UAB is partnering with the American Cancer Society and ADPH to launch a statewide action plan to eliminate cervical cancer.
A traumatic hand injury treated by UAB could not hold Waylon Marshall back from his love of baseball and his desire to continue to play.
One UAB student is hoping to better understand the reasons red tattoo ink causes the most skin problems.
NPH will use artificial intelligence-based approaches to analyze information provided by participants to develop algorithms that predict responses to dietary patterns.
Two psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioners from the UAB School of Nursing are now available to see patients at the Centreville clinic.
Preeclampsia is a leading cause of maternal mortality. Brian Brocato, D.O., UAB maternal-fetal medicine specialist, discusses the signs, symptoms and treatment of the pregnancy condition.
USA Wheelchair Rugby athletes received acceleration/velocity and reaction time testing in their pre-participation exams for the first time.
On May 22, 2023, the Associated Press posted a story that inaccurately characterized UAB’s institutional role as it relates to the very real challenges in health disparities and maternal health across the nation and in Alabama. UAB made addressing health disparities and improving maternal mortality a priority years ago and is a local, state and national leader in making positive change. 
Hormonal changes throughout a woman’s life may impact oral health.
One UAB cancer patient wants to use every day he has left to grant the wishes of other cancer patients.
UAB pediatric obstetrician and gynecologist provides tips to parents on having open conversation with their adolescent daughter about her overall reproductive health.
In just the five years since UAB completed 10,000 robotic surgeries, surgeons across 15 disciplines have now collectively exceeded 20,000 robotic surgeries, setting a record for the hospital.
A simultaneous bilateral adrenalectomy removes both adrenal glands at the same time, providing benefits to both the patient and surgeons.
The NIH grants will fund two studies evaluating the role of behavioral, geographic and demographic vulnerabilities in relation to HIV acquisitions among cis- and transgender women in the South.
For the first time, UAB School of Optometry students are now providing free vision services to patients at the Equal Access Birmingham clinic.
The new Department of Biomedical Informatics and Data Science will be the 28th academic department in the Heersink School of Medicine.
UAB Medicine and Talladega have entered a three-year partnership, with UAB Medicine providing medical care for competitors and fans.
The accredidation is given to bariatric surgery centers that have undergone an independent, voluntary and rigorous peer evaluation.
UAB is one of 15 sites selected by the NIH to study the increasing prevalence of diabetes in youth, specifically in Black and Hispanic minority groups.
Screenings will happen the week of April 24-28 at two UAB clinics.
Patients suffering from cystic fibrosis often struggle with malnutrition, due to the disease’s impact on the digestive system and the increased energy needs of the body.
The Blaze to DMD program is an 11-month master’s program designed to help students establish a strong foundation in biomedical and health sciences in preparation for a traditional four-year DMD degree.
During National Donate Life Month, celebrate life and honor the gift of organ, eye and tissue donation.
Healthcare Decisions Day is April 16, and UAB experts are providing recommendations for how to get started with advance care planning.
Urogynecology experts will evaluate using Botox® to treat a variety of UUI over a spectrum of ages.
Continuous glucose monitors can transform one’s diabetes treatment and care. A UAB diabetes expert explains what patients should know about the devices when evaluating their diabetes care plans.
UAB endocrinology and fertility expert breaks down the basics of endometriosis, a common gynecologic condition affecting one in 10 women of reproductive age.
The new women’s health faculty practice will expand access to women’s health resources for residents of Jefferson County.
Critical Care Transport got its start in 1983, and has transported more than 60,000 patients by air and ground.
The temporary PNS device can be used to treat chronic nerve pain, as well as joint pain and back pain, for patients for whom oral medications are not effective, or who wish to minimize the use of medications or more invasive procedures.

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