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A UAB study sheds new light on the epigenetics of memory formation and memory loss in patients with epilepsy, and the discovery may have implications for many other memory disorders.
UAB researchers find a chemical pathway — a glutamate transporter — that may be causing seizures and shorten survival rates for patients with brain tumors.
A new comprehensive textbook on neurological diseases and conditions from the desk of a UAB neuroscientist will be available this spring.

A UAB neuroscience student has received a summer fellowship from the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation.

A federally funded study at UAB shows how invading glioma cells disrupt brain connections and break down the blood brain barrier.
Neuroscience Café serves healthy portions of fascinating topics in the field of neuroscience at 6:30 p.m. on the third Monday of every month.
New textbook offers first, comprehensive summary of an emerging field along with stunning neurobiological vistas.

The organization is the European equivalent to the National Academy of Sciences.

More than a dozen infectious diseases are preventable, and children should be vaccinated to protect themselves and others.

Neurobiology researcher honored with international Fondation IPSEN award.

Neurobiologists move closer to long-term goal: undo developmental disabilities.

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