Patients with the Iforia ProMRI implantable cardiac device (ICD) system had no adverse outcomes related to the device and no significant changes to pacing or sensing parameters after undergoing a thoracic spine or cardiac MRI, according to a multicenter, nonrandomized trial.
A combination of drugs that target problems in the cells of patients with cystic fibrosis shows promise treating the most common form of the disease, according to two recent studies.
The combination of two drugs — an investigational drug used in conjunction with an already FDA-approved medication — improved lung function in patients with one form of cystic fibrosis, according to two new studies.
The CDC is encouraging people at risk to be tested and for health care providers to educate patients about chronic viral hepatitis and testing, since millions of Americans have chronic hepatitis and most are unaware.
Patients awaiting liver transplant who have primary biliary cirrhosis (PBC) had higher wait-list mortality compared with other patients on the liver transplant list, said researchers.
The good news about fighting visceral fat is that it seems to be uniquely vulnerable to exercise. "Exercise disproportionately targets visceral fat," says Gary R. Hunter, a professor of human studies at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.
Best of 2015 2Stylish but dangerous? UAB study looks at injuries caused by wearing high-heeled shoes.

The ASC asked musicians for original songs about Alabama for the competition, and six finalists were chosen from 45 submissions. Now they will perform live at a free festival that is all about Alabama.

Vestavia Hills High School science teacher and UAB alumna Jennifer Brown will serve as the official spokesperson and representative for teachers in Alabama for the next year.

UAB is one of five centers named to host the first class of fellows in the Edmond J. Safra Fellowship in Movement Disorders.

UAB and CreakyJoints, an online, non-profit, patient support community, are launching Arthritis Power — the first patient-centered research registry for arthritis, bone and inflammatory skin conditions — to securely collect health data from tens of thousands of arthritis patients to support future research.

Kasman will perform the little-known masterpiece, which is extremely difficult, with the country’s leading orchestra and conductor, Volodymyr Sirenko.

May 15, 2015

HotScience at UAB

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HotScience at UAB is a new summer workshop for rising 11th- and 12th-graders with an interest in science.
This display of the Civil Rights photographs of Spider Martin and Peter Magubane at the Abroms-Engel Institute for the Visual Arts explores images of American segregation and South African apartheid.
“This opportunity will produce results that help patients weigh the value of health care options according to their personal circumstances, conditions and preferences.”
Focusing on rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis as well as numerous other musculoskeletal conditions, the goal of Arthritis Power is to securely collect health data from tens of thousands of arthritis patients to support future research.
he association now relies on a "framework," or algorithm, that clinicians can use to treat the disease, but it isn't evidence-based, said Timothy Garvey, MD, who is chair of the AACE Obesity Scientific Committee and a professor at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.
UAB was part of a promising international study of a combination therapy for patients with the most common cystic fibrosis mutation.
Suresh Boppana, M.D., received the award at the fifth annual International Congenital CMV Conference in Brisbane, Australia.

Many students successfully complete the music technology program; but only a select few also complete the AVID certification training, and even fewer attain certification.

UAB researcher awarded first joint AACR- TNBC Foundation Career Development Award focused specifically on triple negative breast cancer.
The University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) ranks No. 18 in the United States for its online learning programs, according to a new list, "The 50 Best Online Colleges for 2015–2016," released recently by web site. No other Alabama colleges made the list.
The designation means that UAB Hospital is certified to treat complex strokes at any time of day due to staff, infrastructure, and equipment.
Muscle inflammation susceptibility status seems to be able to predict recovery after total hip arthroplasty, according to research published in the April 15 issue of the American Journal of Physiology, Endocrinology and Metabolism.
Salary disparities exist between male and female internal medicine residency program directors, according to a study published in the The American Journal of Medicine.
Building on data generated through the Family Blood Pressure Program (FBPP), a research team from the University of Alabama at Birmingham has kicked off a project that aims to identify rare variants associated with left ventricular (LV) hypertrophy, the thickening of the left ventricle that is closely associated with heart attack, stroke, and heart failure and is particularly prevalent among African Americans.
Increased risk of major adverse cardiac events after the later surgery persists for one year.
UAB has established the third multidisciplinary comprehensive clinic in the world for transverse myelitis, a rare spinal cord disease.
Three million cases of skin cancer could be prevented annually by avoiding ultraviolet light. UAB experts share how to pick out the proper UV-protection and use it effectively.
Three-year, $2 million PCORI grant will give UAB caregivers an opportunity to develop surgical protocols that enhance coordination of care and improve quality of life for women with endometrial cancer.
Free summer community English classes to begin June 4.
From The Washington Post
Here’s how public thinking on food gets shaped: Every year, researchers publish hundreds of academic studies about the health effects of various foods - chocolate, kale, red wine, anything. Those studies, in turn, become fodder for  newspaper articles, books and blog posts.
If you think gender disparity exists only at the low-level income group, think twice. Women who serve as directors of internal medicine residency programmes are paid less than their male counterparts, says a new study.
UAB has received prestigious designation as a Comprehensive Stroke Center from the Joint Commission and American Heart Association.
Research published in The American Journal of Medicine reports that gender disparities in income aren’t a problem just for women in medium- and lower-wage positions.
There is a survival advantage for diabetes patients that comes with a little extra weight. But diabetes and diet experts warn that it's not quite time to reach for that extra doughnut — it's an incomplete picture of diabetes, they contend, and, in fact, there's no paradox at all.
Stress and anxiety don't have to just come from obvious or even negative sources.
Would you pay $44 to save someone's life? That's the cost of one naloxone hydrochloride kit that can be used to reverse the effects of a potentially fatal heroin or opioid overdose.
The school's decision to disband the program last December  -- along with bowling and rifle -- continues to define UAB nationwide, and will be the single biggest issue Ingram will tackle in the coming weeks.
They are called The March Quilts, and they commemorate the 50th anniversary of the march from Selma to Montgomery led by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Art centers, school art departments, museums, and galleries are the houses and vehicles to accomplish that goal. With open doors and spinning wheels, they revolve, they move through, and with each spoke of every wheel, they reach out into communities to teach, invite, engage, encourage, and cultivate art in communities.
As many as 88,000 people around Birmingham have little access to healthy, affordable food. But UAB public health students are digging for solutions by working the land at Jones Valley Teaching Farm and helping out at Magic City Harvest. They share some fresh knowledge from the field in UAB Magazine.
Students and faculty from UAB share their financial savvy with students in seven Birmingham middle schools.
Between-hospital variations in active treatment explain much of the difference seen in infants born at 22 to 24 weeks of gestation.
Research to identify a new approach to treat Alzheimer’s disease gets new funding after a pilot grant from the Alabama Drug Discovery Alliance.
UAB faculty and graduate students launch relief effort for Nepal.
Researchers from the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) will be leading a multisite study to assess the role of beta blockers in individuals with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). This project will be funded by the United States Department of Defense through an $11 million grant.
Sicking has fame of a sort most of his campus colleagues will never enjoy. It is not exaggerating to say some of the world’s leading race car drivers – not to mention many people who drive fast on America’s freeways – owe their lives to Sicking.
The University of Alabama at Birmingham’s School of Dentistry dedicated the new D. Thomas Winstead Student Laboratory on April 30, giving students and patients a new, cutting-edge technological dental space to enhance training and care.
Ingram arrives in Birmingham after serving as the executive senior associate athletics director at Temple. He has deep roots in the south, having played football and worked at Tennessee. He's also spent time at Georgia and Missouri.
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