nycu graphic 2Professor says reverse mortgages are best considered by seniors who are “equity rich and cash poor” and plan to live in their current home for a long time.
UAB neurosurgery’s commitment to quality care is reflected in outcomes that beat national averages in key measurements.
Some of the 18 graduates of the Innovate Birmingham Workforce Program have been offered jobs to begin high-demand information technology careers with local employers like Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama, Brasfield & Gorrie, Regions and UAB.
The annual symposium May 15 will provide help and support for cancer patients and survivors.
Now that it's become appreciated that a high-salt diet may contribute to the rise of many diverse health problems including autoimmune disease, trying to understand how the body regulates salt is extremely important, and that's the work we hope to continue to do with this grant.
In Birmingham, homicides have increased 80 percent since 2014, mainly due to gun violence.
The study, led by the NIH-funded Microbicide Trials Network, will be conducted at two sites in the U.S. — the University of Alabama at Birmingham and Magee-Womens Hospital of UPMC, a teaching hospital affiliated with the University of Pittsburgh.
A UAB symposium on cardiovascular tissue engineering brought together some of the best in the business in this rapidly developing field of translational medicine.
The first target for the UAB spinoff Incysus Ltd. will be glioblastoma. Incysus has just received a European patent for its innovative approach to fighting cancer.
This year, the NAS is excited to welcome the UAB Football team as the honorary starters for the 11th annual race. In 2016, the run raised more than $65,000 for student scholarships.
Where other forms of distracted driving are externally influenced, like interacting with a cellphone, drowsy driving is an internally influenced distraction; but the result is the same -- cognitive and visual resources are withdrawn from driving.
Through the new partnership, Guideway Care will lead the national implementation of UAB's program, which has led to a 55 percent reduction in hospitalizations, a 29 perfect reduction in emergency room visits and a 45 percent reduction in overall cost.
The University of Alabama at Birmingham Women and Infants Center hands out more than 1,500 infant CPR kits each year to help save the lives of infants who are born prematurely, with congenital heart disease or are admitted for respiratory distress and/or neonatal abstinence syndrome.
Take a night to celebrate and embrace some of the hardest-working people in health care.
Investigators will have a state-of-the-art space to conduct safe and age-appropriate clinical research to advance the science and treatment of childhood diseases.
The five-year grant from the NHLBI to the labs of Jennifer and David Pollock also includes a third project at the University of Utah, bringing together three highly successful research entities.
A sampling of the varied new season includes Emmylou Harris, Bruce Hornsby, Marc Broussard, Angelique Kidjo, Maceo Parker, dance, family and Salon series, plus free shows by Spanish Harlem Orchestra and Red Baraat.
nycu graphic 2Knowing the signs of becoming drowsy behind the wheel, many of which are similar to distracted and drunk driving, could potentially be lifesaving.
Kids can partake in more than 30 interactive demonstrations and learn basic principles of science while having fun.
The University of Alabama at Birmingham announces a partnership with Guideway Care to expand the reach of UAB’s proven cancer navigation program, Patient Care Connect, to patients nationally.
The School of Nursing assistant professor was honored for her long track record of working to promote diversity and inclusivity.
were with youNew children’s book focuses on helping others and pursuing goals while having a career as a working mom.
Approximately one-fourth of eyes deemed to be normal based on eye examination by primary eye care physicians have age-related macular degeneration (AMD) determined by fundus photography and trained raters, according to a study published online April 27 in JAMA Ophthalmology.
Sometimes, fertility treatments work and a couple gets to hold their baby in their arms. Other times, months turn into years of waiting, despairing and hoping for a positive outcome.
were with youUAB is raising funds to hand out complimentary lifesaving infant CPR kits to caregivers of high risk infants.
Knowledge from this study and others may help physicians boost healing and prevent heart failure in patients after a heart attack.
Grammy Award-winning guitarist, singer and songwriter Jonny Lang has just released his first album of new music in seven years, “Fight for My Soul.”
Joey Gase, whose mom was an organ and tissue donor upon death, will promote organ donation along with Sparks Energy for the Sparks Energy 300 on May 6.
Bill Clark, head football coach at UAB, told an audience at the Harbert Center downtown on Wednesday, April 27, that his program badly needs the new downtown stadium that is being planned to supplant an aging Legion Field.
To better understand the role of streptococci in cystic fibrosis, Jessica Scoffield of the University of Alabama at Birmingham and colleagues grew several biofilms in dishes and in fruit flies. The researchers used molecular and microscopy techniques to observe interactions between the bacteria.
Approximately 14 million Americans have age-related macular degeneration, and a new study suggests it may be underdiagnosed in primary eye care settings.
The UAB Health Disparities Research Symposium highlights the health disparities work of undergraduate, graduate, faculty and community investigators in basic science, clinical research, behavioral and social science, and community-based research.
Class of 2017 option 2After graduation, Haley Callahan will pursue her master’s degree in counseling from Northwestern University.
UAB’s School of Health Professions, Engineering and Collat School of Business teamed up in this venture to promote economic development and organizational excellence. ALPEx will include a one-day orientation program that will provide guidance and support for organizations from around Alabama.
A record year for deceased organ donors included more than doubling the number of lungs donated at UAB.
Faculty, students, administration and staff held the grand opening of the INTO UAB Center on April 13, on the second floor of the Mervyn Sterne Library, where the newly renovated space designed for the program will help enrich the learning experience for all students and the campus community.
Warner K. Huh, M.D., director of the University of Alabama at Birmingham Division of Gynecology Oncology, is conducting a new clinical trial for an infrared imaging agent used in hysterectomy patients to better identify the location of the ureter—the passage between kidney and bladder—during surgery.
were with youThe UAB Women and Infants Center is among nearly a dozen organizations holding reunions for past NICU patients this spring.
Approximately 14 million Americans have age-related macular degeneration, and a new study suggests it may be underdiagnosed in primary eye care settings.
One of the hidden gems of Alabama education, Dr. Henry Panion, III, is an instructor in music theory and technology at UAB. Panion's experience in the music business features classical, pop, gospel and R&B. But, of course, he's also contributed to jazz, working with Lionel Hampton's Orchestra and Ellis Marsalis.
"Mothers with obesity tend to give birth to children with obesity, which continues into adulthood, ready to begin the next generational cycle," said Timothy Garvey, principal investigator of the SFOC, director of the UAB Diabetes Research Center and chair of the UAB Department of Nutrition Sciences.
Indeed, just months prior to the launch of HSBC's voice banking system, the University of Alabama at Birmingham in the US warned that relying solely on voice for authentication or automation might leave systems vulnerable to voice impersonation attacks.
Class of 2017 option 2Graduating senior Sarah Leffel will spend her first year after completing her undergraduate education teaching English to children in Japan.
School of Nursing partners with One Roof for annual Point in Time homeless community census.
An interdisciplinary team that includes Engineering, the Collat School of Business, and the College of Arts and Sciences is reaching for new heights to make UAB’s team a perennial contender.
were with youNew dye could help better identify ureter, the passage between kidney and bladder, and prevent injury during minimally invasive pelvic surgery for women.
Surgeons place the cadaver liver in the normothermic machine, which then pumps the organ with warm, oxygenated blood and nutrition at or just below body temperature for up to 24 hours before transplant.
An intersectional framework looks at how multiple social statuses intersect at an individual level, such as HIV status, race, gender or sexual orientation, and a broader level, such as structural stigmas in society including racism, sexism, HIV-related stigma and classism, to produce health inequalities.
UAB officials broke ground April 13 on a new two-story, 28,000-square-foot facility that will be the new UAB Police Department headquarters.
A multidisciplinary research team at UAB looks to address obesity as it is genetically passed from mother to child.
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