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Physicians in the O’Neal Comprehensive Cancer Center at UAB are advancing the field of thyroid care with cutting-edge, patient-specific procedures and collaborative research investigations.
Human bodies are made to move, says UAB Arts in Medicine artist-in-residence Melissa Turnage, and “magical” energy can happen in the brain. Here are her tips for adding dance to your day.
Certain men may have a higher risk of prostate cancer based on family history or ethnicity or race, and ancestry and should have their first screening discussions at the age of 40.
There is no specific reason for craving foods, but the urge is preventable and treatable as substituting with healthier options is the best way to manage cravings.
Football and tailgating season is here, and one UAB expert wants to make sure you stay safe from electrical hazards and enjoy the festivities this fall.
Making lists, shopping online, buying in bulk, and keeping an eye out for coupons, discounts and loyalty programs make healthy eating choices easy without breaking the bank.
UAB experts offer tips on staying safe while horseback riding.
Some individuals may experience a range of somatic or physical symptoms, such as persistent tension or nervousness, as the weekend comes to an end, also known as the “Monday blues” or “Sunday scaries.”
Before heading into the new school year, make sure that these safety tips are at the top of your to-do list. 
UAB’s Lizzy Davis, Ph.D., reveals the science behind heat’s impact on appetite and provides guidelines for optimal nutrition in extreme heat.
UAB expert offers interesting facts about the safety of natural bodies of water as they relate to summer fun.
Being cautious with personal data, sticking to reputable websites, verifying email senders and webpage URLs, using VPN for Wi-Fi access points, not using public cellphone chargers, and refraining from disclosing location information on social media can help minimize travel scams.
To help keep your eyes healthy this summer, follow these simple tips from experts at UAB Eye Care.
From trampoline safety to ATV injury prevention, UAB experts are sharing their top tips for maintaining awareness and taking preventative measures to ensure summer break safety.
Tea, honey and voice rest. All things to bring a voice back. But do they work, and what causes one to lose their voice?  
UAB expert discusses summer eye hazards and how to mitigate the risk of kids’ being injured.
Attention, proximity, continuity and competency are four key ways to keep everyone safe in the water this summer.
C. Allen Gorman, Ph.D., with the UAB Collat School of Business dives into how effective leadership has changed.
Learn a way to help prevent cancer with these healthy tips from a UAB expert.
UAB experts discuss changes women should be aware of as their bodies mature and what exams they should receive during different time periods.
UAB women’s health expert discusses the signs and symptoms of postpartum depression.
Commencement celebrations and photoshoots can often mean environmentally damaging waste like balloons and confetti. These easy substitutions can help everyone celebrate sustainably.
Learn how to prevent and treat some common types of outdoor injuries.
UAB internist and pediatrician provides tips on how parents can discuss weight with their children, as well as promote healthy living among their family.
Stay safe on the road when severe weather strikes by following these tips from a UAB expert.
In today’s busy world, people are inundated with information all competing for their selective attention. A UAB psychologist offers insight on how to maintain one’s focus at work and school.
UAB experts recommend activities to move children’s bodies or minds during this spring break.
A night or two of poor sleep can be normal. But if the problem persists, it may be time to seek professional advice.
UAB Hospital Chief Medical Officer Kierstin Kennedy, M.D., shares insights into health care conflict resolution that can be used in most workplaces.
UAB Sports Medicine offers some ways to make that last ski trip of the winter a safe one.
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