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Page Title: ePrint

ePrint is a print management system that works in conjunction with the University's ONE Card system. The ePrint program offers users a uniform method to pay for printing services throughout the UAB campus. ePrint not only allows users to pay only for the services they choose, but promotes fiscal responsibility and significantly diminishes printing waste.

ePrint is powered by wepa, a cloud-based printing solution that allows you to upload documents on-the-go and print them at any conveniently located ePrint station.

ePrint Station Locations
Wepa Printing is giving away $1000 to the user that prints the 100 Millionth Page. Follow @wepaprinting for updates.

  • Upload & Printing Instructions

    Icon: computer uploading to cloud. Web Upload

    Login at wepanow.com/webupload, select your documents, and "send to wepa."

    Icon: Laptop with up arrow on screen. wepa Print App

    One-time download: wepanow.com/printapp. Open your document, choose "file>print" and select your preferred wepa printer.

    Icon: Clouds with program icons and download arrows. Cloud Storage Platfroms

    Login at any ePrint station to print from Dropbox, Box, ONeDrive, or Google Drive.

    Icon: Envelope with arrow pointing to cloud. Email to Print

    Attach your document to an email, send to print@wepanow.com, and use the provided Release Code at any ePrint station to print your document.

    Icon: Mobile phone. Mobile App

    Download the "wepa Print" app.

    Icon: USB drive. USB Drive

    Select "USB" at any ePrint station, insert your USB drive, and follow the instructions on the screen.


    1. Swipe your UAB ONE Card or login with your BlazerID & password
    2. Select the document you want to print
    3. Choose your payment method: BlazerBucks, WEPA account, WEPA print card

    Price per Print

    • Single-Sided B&W: $0.09
    • Single-Sided Color: $0.36
    • Double-Sided B&W: $0.16
    • Double-Sided Color: $0.69
  • ePrint for Individuals

    Individuals using ePrint services for personal use, i.e. paid for by the individual, should add funds to their BlazerBucks account. BlazerBucks is a pre-paid declining balance account that can be used to pay for goods and services anywhere the UAB ONE Card is accepted, including both on-campus and approved off-campus merchant venues.


    UAB Students and employees can release print jobs at any ePrint station by swiping their UAB ONE Card or logging in with their BlazerID and password. Payment can be made with BlazerBucks, WEPA account, or WEPA print card.

    Parents or other benefactors can add funds to an individual's BlazerBucks account by mailing a check to UAB Student Services or signing in as a guest online at uab.edu/blazerbucks.


    Individuals who are not UAB students or employees who require funds for printing services at ePring locations can use a BlazerBucks guest card, WEPA account, or WEPA print card. Guests can purchase a guest card at a Value Transfer Station located in One Stop Student Services and Sterne and Lister Hill Libraries via cash, debit and credit. Online account management functions are not available to guest cardholders. Funds are non-recoverable if guest cards are lost or stolen.

  • ePrint for UAB Business

    Individuals/Departments using ePrint services for official University business, i.e. paid for by UAB, must add funds to a Departmental Copy/Print account. Copy/Print is a pre-paid declining balance account that can be used to pay exclusively for copy/print services at ePrint locations. Copy/Print accounts are for official University business and are funded by UAB general ledger or grant account monies.

    Departmental Copy/Print cards can be purchased from UAB Student Services for $3.00. We accept the following forms of payment for initial card purchase and to reload funds:

    Funds accessed by Copy/Print cards will be limited to copy and print services at ePrint locations. Additional funds can be added via internal requisition/cost transfer form/HSF requisition as needed.

    Contact a member of the Student Services staff at 996-6273 or ePrint@uab.edu for additional information on establishing a Departmental Copy/Print account.

  • Contact Us

    Have questions or issues with printing files or print station service? Contact WEPA!