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  • What is the ONE Card

    The ONE Card is the official UAB/UAB MEDICINE on-campus student, staff, faculty identification card.

  • Who needs a ONE Card?

    All UAB students, UAB/UAB Medicine faculty and staff and authorized UAB/UAB Medicine visitors and volunteers need a ONE Card.

  • How do I get my ONE Card?

    New employees and new students can receive their ONE Card at any carding office on campus during regular hours of operation.  A completed ONE Card request form is required for new employees. New employees should also review their ONE Card information online before going to a carding office.

    UAB Hospital Women and Infant Center authorized personnel must obtain their ONE Card from the carding office located at Jefferson Towers Room 318.

    Temporary employees can receive an identification badge from Human Resources (AB 110). If a temporary employees needs a ONE Card for building access, the temporary employee can be issued a ONE Card provided a completed ONE Card request form has been submitted and approved.

    Visitors/Volunteers can receive their ONE Card at any carding office on campus. The sponsoring department must have submited a ONE Card request form and it must be approved before the visitor/volunteer is able to receive a ONE Card.

  • Why are there different types of ONE Cards?

    Based on your affiliation with UAB, your ONE Card may have a slightly different look. For example, if you work for a medical center entity, your ONE Card will display the UAB Medicine logo; if you are a UAB student or work for the University, your ONE Card will display the standard UAB wordmark logo.

  • I’m a student and I have the old Campus Card. Do I need a new ONE Card?

    No, your Campus Card is valid and you will not need to get a ONE Card unless you need building access. Only new students will be issued a ONE Card.

  • Can I have an extra ONE card to keep in my car?

    No. For security measures, no person may obtain or possess multiple active ONE Cards simultaneously.

  • How long will my ONE Card be valid?

    Your ONE Card will be valid as long as you are registered for classes at UAB or are employed by UAB/UAB Medicine. If you are a visitor/volunteer, your ONE Card will expire in one year or when you are no longer affiliated with UAB/UAB Medicine.

  • Can I reactivate an old card?

    No. For security measures, an old ONE Card cannot be reactivated.

  • Is there a fee for the ONE Card?

    Your first ONE Card is free. There is a replacement charge of $25.00 if the original card is lost, stolen or mutilated.

  • What is the BlazerBucks Program/Declining Balance Account?

    The UAB BlazerBucks Program offers participants a safe and convenient way to pay for goods and services at authorized University and local area merchant locations. BlazerBucks is a declining balance account available to students, faculty and staff and other individuals in possession of a ONE Card. There is no minimum deposit required to activate a BlazerBucks account and additional funds can be added in varying amounts, at will. Balances in BlazerBucks carry-over from year to year until the cardholder graduates or otherwise permanently leaves the university. Learn more about BlazerBucks and view the BlazerBucks policies.

  • What if I need changes to the information printed on my card?

    Student and employee ONE Card accounts are created automatically via upload from the UAB Enterprise Directory. Employees can change the certain fields on the ONE Card prior to having it printed via the ONE Card Preview Form. Changes to full name must be made through the entity’s official system of record and will automatically update in the ONE Card system.

  • What happens if my card is lost or stolen?

    If your ONE card has been lost or stolen you should report this immediately to a ONE Card office. There will be a fee of $25 to replace your ONE Card.

    Employees, affiliates, and visitors are required to have a completed ONE Card Request Form in order to receive a replacement card. No form is required for students.

  • Is my ONE Card considered personal property?

    No. All UAB issued identification cards are the sole property of UAB. UAB reserves the right to, at any time, confiscate and revoke any privileges associated with the ONE Card.

  • I am a UAB/UAB Medicine employee as well as a student; can I have both forms of ID?

    No. For security measures, no person may obtain or possess multiple ONE Cards simultaneously. In addition, employment status supersedes student status and therefore you will only be issued an employee ID; however your employee card will work for both student and employee purposes. Also, if you were a former student who is now a UAB/UAB Medicine employee, you must turn in your student card in order to receive an employee ID.

  • I'm an employee, but I'm taking classes. Do I need to get a student ID?

    our employee ID overrides any other affiliation you may have with the University. Once you register for courses, you will be given access to any buildings necessary to attend your classes or services through the same ONE Card.

  • I had access to certain buildings, but my ONE Card stopped working and I no longer have access. What do I do?

    If you've had access to a building in the past and your card has stopped working at that building, this may be a malfunction of the card. For questions or concerns regarding lost access or key control e-mail physicalsecurity@uab.edu or call (205) 934-3708.

  • Can I get a copy of the photo on my ONE Card?}

    Unfortunately, the ONE Card Office is unable to distribute photos printed on the ONE Card.

  • What do I do with the parking card that I used prior to November 2013?

    You can discard this card. A ONE Card is now required for all UAB parking gates.