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UAB students are encouraged to think critically and develop innovative solutions to local and global problems. When the new Signature Core Curriculum is implemented, incoming freshmen will have immediate opportunities to apply these skills to the local community and beyond.

The development of new core courses for undergraduate students is an integral component of the education pillar of Forging the Future, UAB’s strategic plan. Given the university’s mission, national reputation, and evolving student needs, an appraisal and revision of the curriculum was important to reflect UAB’s unique culture and focus on the development of socially conscious global leaders and citizens. 

Over the last three years, the Signature Core Curriculum committee has worked across campus and within the community to develop the new curriculum. In May 2020, it was provided to the UAB Faculty Senate Curriculum Committee for final review and endorsement and was then presented to the full Faculty Senate and the Board of Trustees. The curriculum was developed around a set of guiding principles:

  • Develop critical, analytical thinking and data-driven decision-making in ways that engage students in the learning process,
  • Teach students the skills, knowledge and habits of mind they need to solve real-world problems,
  • Teach excellent communication skills, and
  • Enable students to freely exchange and debate new ideas, question biases and assumptions and test and redefine their personal values.

During the next 1-2 years as the curricular structure is implemented, courses will be developed and refined to reflect the new core requirements and updates will be entered into in the university course catalogue.