UAB's Signature Core & Today's Learning Landscape: National Trends & Best Practices in General Education
May 3, 2018

Dr. Kate McConnell, Senior Director for Research and Assessment Association of American Colleges and Universities
This is a video of the open keynote lecture that Dr. Kate McConnell from the Association of American Colleges and Universities, a leader in general education reform, gave on the UAB campus in May 2018.

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Dr. Paul Hanstedt, “General Education Conference"

Abstract: Hanstedt is a leader in general education reform, and in this presentation at Montgomery College in 2017, he talks about the goal of gen education and especially its impact on assignment design.


Janet Gail Donald, Learning to Think: Disciplinary Perspectives

Donald’s book discusses the ways that students learn problem solving in different disciplines, and it can help those interested in general education think about how to create a multi-faceted curriculum.

Paul Hanstedt, General Education Essentials

In this clear and cogent discussion of what general education reform is and why it’s important, Hanstedt argues for the importance of general education, surveys existing trends, and offers tips on matters ranging from dos/don’ts to the importance of assessment.


pdfAmerican Association of Colleges and Universities, “The Quality Imperative"

A strongly worded statement from the AAC&U board of directors about the urgent need to improve the quality of the educational experience at all post-secondary institutions. This report argues for connecting liberal education with workforce learning, and it suggests some essential learning outcomes.

pdfHart Research Associates, “It Takes More Than a Major”

Based on a survey administered to thousands of employers, this report discusses what employers see as the most important proficiencies that students need in order to enter the workforce successfully.

pdfHart Research Associates, “Recent Trends in General Education”

Based on a 2015 survey of higher administration officers at AAC&U’s member institutions, this report describes changing views of general education. More schools are emphasizing integrative learning practices and high-impact practices such as internships, undergraduate research, study abroad, collaborative projects, etc.

pdfMrig, Amit “General Education Reform: Unseen Opportunities”

Based on a recent poll of institutions on the subject of general education reform, this essay provides a wide-angle view of the subject. It surveys some of the reasons why institutions undertake gen ed reform, covers a series of tips for successful approaches, and provides several case studies.