Protein mass spectrometry 2012
(BMG/PHR 744)

The science of proteomics and mass spectrometry

Course will be held on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 9 – 10:30 am in the McCallum Building, 4th floor conference room (401)


Date Lecturer Topic
    Basics Course
Jan 6, Fri S. Barnes/H. Kim Analyzing biomolecules. The proteome, proteomics and other –omics and where to start [PDF File]
Jan 9, Mon M. Renfrow Mass spectrometry – gas phase transfer and instrumentation – include ETD [PDF File]
Youtube Movies[Quadrupole, FT-ICR MS, Triple Quad, Synapt G2 (ion mobility)]
Jan 11, Wed M. Renfrow Methods for the identification of proteins: MALDI-TOF of proteins and peptide mass fingerprinting; LC analysis and peptide sequencing [PDF File]
Jan 13, Fri M. Renfrow Ion fragmentation in mass spectrometry; application to proteomics [PDF File]
Jan 16, Mon TBA Sample preparation for proteomics and mass spectrometry
Jan 18, Wed H. Kim Simplifying the proteome - techniques of protein purification [PDF File]
Jan 20, Fri H. Kim Protein separation by electrophoresis and other 2D-methods [PDF File]
Jan 23, Mon S. Barnes Qualitative burrowing of the proteome [PDF File]
Jan 25, Wed S. Barnes Quantitative burrowing of the proteome [PDF File]
Jan 27, Fri TBA MUDPIT and SEQUEST; false discovery rates in complex systems
Jan 30, Mon S. Barnes MRMPath; MRMutation; MRMass Space [PDF File]
Feb 1, Wed C. Crasto Web tools and the proteome; Expasy, KEGG, NCBI, others (Location: Shelby 105 at 8 am) [PDF File (14MB)]
Feb 3, Fri J. Prasain Lipidomics and other small molecules by LC-MS [PDF File]
Feb 6, Mon   Exam
    Applications Course
Feb 8, Wed J. Prasain Metabolomics – LC-MS and GC-MS [PDF File]
Feb 10, Fri J. Prasain Quantitative analysis/method validation in metabolomics [PDF File]
Feb 13, Mon S. Barnes Enzymology and mass spectrometry [PDF File]
Feb 15, Wed   Student presentations
Feb 17, Fri M. Renfrow Analysis of protein-protein interactions by affinity purification and mass spectrometry
[PDF File 1] [PDF File 2] [PDF File 3]
Feb 20, Mon P. Prevelige Mass Spectrometry as a Tool for Studying Protein Structure
Feb 22, Wed P. Prevelige Study of macromolecular structures – protein complexes [PDF File 2]
Feb 24, Fri E. Shonsey MS in Forensics [PDF File 2]
Feb 27, Mon TBA Tissue and body fluid proteomics and mass spectrometry
Feb 29, Wed   Student presentations
Mar 2, Fri D.Stella/
S. Barnes
Applications of MS to tissue imaging – the lens [PDF File]
Mar 5, Mon M. Renfrow Applications of FT-ICR-MS
Mar 7, Wed J. Novak/
M. Renfrow
Mass spectrometry in glycomics research - Application to IgA nephropathy
Mar 9, Fri H. Kim Use of proteomics and MS methods in the study of the brain proteome and neurodegenerative diseases [PDF File]
Mar 12, Mon H. Kim/S. Barnes Putting it all together – by-passing pyruvate kinase
Mar 14, Wed S. Barnes Isotopes in mass spectrometry [PDF File]
Mar 16, Fri S. Barnes Applying mass spectrometry to Free Radical Biology
Mar 19, Mon   Final report due