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Using the Educational Assistance Benefit with the Refer a Future Blazer Program

One of the benefits UAB offers its employees is its educational assistance program. While the program has several features, one of the most popular is reduced tuition for dependents of employees—a significant motivator to Refer a Future Blazer from your own family.

All dependent children and children of sponsored adults can use an employee’s educational assistance benefit if the dependent is unmarried and under 26 years old. In order for their dependents to qualify, the employee must be full-time regular or work a 3/12-hour shift (12) and have completed more than one year of continuous service — with the exception of UAB faculty, for whom the one year of service requirement is waived.

Dependents of UAB retirees can also qualify as long as the retiree was in an eligible status at the time of retirement and for a year prior. The same applies for deceased UAB employees.

Qualified dependents will receive 50% in-state tuition assistance for undergraduate coursework at UAB. Graduate coursework, audited courses and some additional fees are not covered. The benefit is limited to 50% even if both parents work at UAB and are qualified.

Details of the program can be found in HR Policy 319.

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