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Analytic Genomics and Transgenics Core

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​The overall goal of the Analytical Genomics and Transgenics Core (AGTC) is to enhance the productivity of UAB Rheumatic Disease Core Center (RDCC) researchers, and provide state-of-the-art services to facilitate the development and use of appropriate genetic animal models.  Importantly, emphasis is placed on both consultation as well as those services that are technically challenging and cost prohibitive for individual laboratories to maintain.

Center members becoming increasingly dependent upon interactions and subsequent synergies with geneticists require outreach and education programs that can draw upon available technological resources located at both UAB and our partner institution, HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology (HAIB).  The Core’s aims are bipartite in nature with focus on both evaluation of human genetic data and mouse model production as the core provides services, outreach & education, and development to actively facilitate collaborations between RDCC and CAMAC investigators and the AGTC.

Example aims of the AGTC are:

  • Provide expert consultation services in the generation and analysis of genetic and genomic data from genome-wide association (GWAS), deep-sequencing, microarray, and epigenetic studies with emphases on interpretation and functional analyses for validation.
  • Develop unique ES cell resources and animal models with broad utility and usage for UAB RDCC investigators (including conditional knockouts and transgenic lines of mice expressing cre recombinase (or inducible cre) in target tissues of interest).
  • Provide educational resources for learning modern and emerging genetic and genomic technologies via workshops, seminars, lectures, and symposia hosted at UAB and Hudson Alpha Institute for Biotechnology (HAIB).
Investigators are encouraged to contact the Director, Bob Kesterson (, or Co-Directors, Jeffrey Edberg ( and Devin Absher ( to discuss research projects and services offered.