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UAB provides medical care through University Hospital and clinics. UAB is also a major center for education and medical research. Both care and education are necessary for medicine to succeed and advance.

Many of the men and women who provide medical care at UAB, or provide support for that care, are conducting research studies to try to improve the quality of medical care to develop new medications or procedures, for example. As a patient at UAB, you may be asked to participate in such a research study.
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UAB “Find a clinical trial” webpage: University of Alabama at Birmingham Clinical Trials

  • Description: Offers a searchable database of active trials and the ability to request additional information about the study

Information about COVID response and vaccine research (https://www.uab.edu/ccts/covid19-vaccine-study )

Resources for bidirectional dialogue in community-engagement (https://www.uab.edu/ccts/community )