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We sent questions to some of the UAB Physician Assistant Studies program students who volunteer at the School of Health Professions' Firehouse Shelter Clinic. We wanted to know more about them, the current PA program and why they serve.

Q: Why did you choose UAB PA?

A: I grew up in Birmingham, went to high school at Briarwood Christian High School and then attended college at Belmont University in Nashville, TN. After I finished college, I felt led to pursue a degree in public health and I came to UAB to get a Masters in Public Health in Epidemiology. I decided to apply to PA school while getting my MPH because I desired more patient care interaction and involvement in health care decisions.

Q: Where will we see you in 20 years?

A: Hopefully I’ll be working as a hospital or clinic administrator at a facility that offers prevention care to marginalized individuals similar to Cooper Green Mercy Clinic. In this way, I would incorporate public health and medical care in my practice. I would like to work on health care policy at some capacity. I am involved in missions and would like to continue doing medical mission work regularly in the future.

Q: Why was volunteering at the Firehouse Shelter important to you?

A: Public health is important to me and I love giving back to the community at any capacity.

Q: What did you take away from participating in the Firehouse Shelter project?

A: Gratefulness. I was very grateful for the patients allowing me to learn from them and listen to their histories. Additionally, grateful for the opportunity to serve them.

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