We sent questions to some of the UAB Physician Assistant Studies program students who volunteer at the School of Health Professions' Firehouse Shelter Clinic. We wanted to know more about them, the current PA program and why they serve.

Caitlyn Kendrick headshot.

Q: Why did you choose UAB PA?

A: UAB offers a very involved and unique program that I knew would make me well rounded and prepared once I graduate. Also, the faculty’s positive attitude and encouragement made me confident that UAB was a good fit for me.

Q: What inspires you to become a PA?

A: I decided on becoming a PA after shadowing in many areas of medicine. What I saw consistently was that the PA always took the time to listen and was able to build a good relationship with the patient. That is very important to me as I care for patients.

Q: Advice for future students?

A: Make sure you have a balance between school and your life outside of school. Life goes on while you are in PA school and you don’t want to lose touch with your friends and family or yourself. What makes us good PAs is having the knowledge and understanding to treat people. What makes us great PAs is being personable, empathetic, listeners who take the time to really get to know and care for our patients.

Q: Why was volunteering at the Firehouse Shelter important to you?

A: We are so fortunate to be students at UAB and have hands-on opportunities, such as volunteering at the Firehouse Shelter. It’s important to take advantage of those opportunities to give back and perfect our skills.

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