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Master of Science in Biotechnology

Biotechnology is the use of biology to make useful products, solve problems, and improve quality of life for all. In only one year, you can earn your Master of Science in Biotechnology degree through our in-person OR online program.

Why Biotechnology?

  • From 2010-2016, 86% of our graduates went to work immediately after graduating with 80% in the life sciences industry.
  • Learn to run your own biotechnology business.
  • Biotech careers are versatile and can be found in almost every industry.
  • Gain the Biotechnology and administrative skills that will set you apart.
  • Use your Biotechnology degree as the next step in your professional or medical career.

Learn how to take your scientific ideas from bench top to business in just 365 days!

In-Person Master of Science in Biotechnology

The in-person Master of Science in Biotechnology degree curriculum is divided into categories including the principles of biotechnology, applications of biotechnology, and bench to commercialization.

Professional development is woven throughout the coursework to train you about the soft skills necessary to excel in business, lead scientific advances in healthcare, and other science disciplines.

Online Master of Science in Biotechnology

The Online Master of Science in Biotechnology is a completely virtual program (no hybrid option available) that provides students with the scientific knowledge and business development skills needed to successfully pursue their goals. The online curriculum is delivered as asynchronous, and the students have access to live class recordings. The in-person and online curricula are similar except for the lab curriculum. In-person students take three 2-credit labs. Online students do not participate in lab. Instead, they take two 3-credit courses in biochemistry and pharmacology. Please note, while there are similarities, the two programs are separate- courses designated for the online program cannot be combined with the in-person courses and vice versa. The online program class list can be found at the bottom of the Biotechnology catalogue page.

Earn your Master of Science in Biotechnology degree at your own pace!

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Vish Patel, a 2011 graduate of the UAB Biotechnology program, has stayed involved with the program and the School of Health Professions since graduation.

For more information, read about Vish Patel, M.S. on the Meet our Alumni page.

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