Frequently Asked Questions

I have an advance degree (MS or PhD) in science from an accredited institution, can the GRE be waived?

Can the GRE be waived in lieu of the MCAT, DAT or PCAT?

I have an advance degree from an institution overseas, can the GRE be waived?
Each case is to be considered individually. Please email your transcripts to and follow it up with a call (205-934-7382).

What is the latest possible date that I can apply for admissions?
We have two (2) application deadlines: February 28th for Early Acceptance and May 31st for Final Acceptance. For a student to be considered for each deadline, they must have there transcripts and test scores at the UAB Graduate School.

Can I have a part-time job while enrolling in the biotech program?
Typically we do not encourage that but because of the nature of the economy one can work up to 20hrs per week provided the job does not take away from one’s ability to focus on studies.

How many students have gone through the program?
Since its beginning in 2009-2010, 76 students have enrolled and 72 have graduated.

What do students typically do after graduating from the program?
Of the 72 students that have graduated, 64 are currently in the workforce and 8 have gone on to pursue MD, PhD, PharmD or DMD degrees.

What industry do most graduates of the program end up working in?
Of the 64 that are in the workforce, 60 are in the Life Science Industry.