Center for Engagement in Disability Health and Rehabilitation Sciences

Established in 2019, the Center for Engagement in Disability Health and Rehabilitation Sciences (CEDHARS) is part of the UAB-Lakeshore Foundation Research Collaborative and also carries the distinction of being a member of the UAB University-Wide Interdisciplinary Research Centers (UWIRC) program.


To create a world where people with disabilities will be afforded the same opportunities for a high quality of life and purposeful living as all other individuals.

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To accelerate and implement scientific discoveries, technological advances, behavioral practices, and social norms that will allow people with disabilities to live independently in their communities, manage their health better, and increase their overall quality of life.

Vision and Mission in Action

By fostering dialogue and collaborations among typically disconnected worlds (disability/non-disability), CEDHARS aims to be the source for disability health and rehabilitation science research, accessible within UAB and the broader community. This is being made possible by the strength of highly engaged and successful partners from academia and the community, including the top-ranked UAB School of Health Professions and Lakeshore Foundation, an internationally renowned center for physical activity, research, and advocacy for people with disabilities.

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James Rimmer, Ph.D., CEDHARS Director

James Rimmer at his Lakeshore office, a utilitarian space with computer, papers on the desk, etc.

Director of the Lakeshore Foundation/UAB Research Collaborative, Lakeshore Foundation Endowed Chair in Health Promotion and Rehabilitation Sciences