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Alumni News Kevin Storr November 08, 2016

Billie and Marvin Racowsky (pictured left)Billie and Marvin Racowsky (pictured left)Marvin Racowsky developed an interest in medicine while serving in the air force. After service, he was looking for opportunities in medicine and discovered UAB’s PA program in LIFE magazine.

At this time, UAB PA was one of only two programs in the United States so Marvin moved to Birmingham where he met his wife Billie (who also became a PA) and gained invaluable support and experience from the faculty team at UAB.

Marvin and Billie have been practicing PA’s for more than 40 years, with their first 10 years of practice in rural areas. In that time they established eight thriving urgent care facilities in Phoenix, Arizona, and raised two wonderful children, Samdon and Layme.

UAB PA: What year did you graduate?

Marvin Racowsky: 1973

UAB PA: Why did you pursue the profession and why did you come to UAB?

Marvin Racowsky: I gained a love of medicine in the air force and knew I wanted to pursue something hands on. Billie started out as a coronary nurse. UAB was the first program to allow women to attend and provided financial assistance for me.

UAB PA: What was your favorite part of the PA program?

Marvin Racowsky: The support of the medical community around UAB – exposure to specialties that other fields were not allowed to. All the students in the program wanted to learn as much as they could and that was well-received by those in the hospital.

UAB PA: What was your first job out of the PA program?

Marvin Racowsky: The profession was very new when I graduated and I had a hard time finding a job in Alabama. Our first opportunities for jobs were in Des Moines, Iowa.

UAB PA: Who impacted you the most at UAB?

Marvin Racowsky: Kay Andrioli and Roger Lamb. They both went above and beyond to ensure we were properly trained and had opportunities to succeed.

UAB PA: What is your best advice for future PA students?

Marvin Racowsky: Enjoy the education – consider it your reference course to the profession because you’re going to refer to stuff for a long time – its useful information and will eventually become second nature

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