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Students/Faculty News Kevin Storr March 10, 2016

“The greatest benefit BMEN has offered me was the opportunity to give back to other male students and a sense of brotherhood through networking opportunities with current and past members,” Cohill said. “Receiving my BMEN graduation stole is a moment that I have worked for since I joined the network. I guess you can say it is a dream come true.”

Cohill also had powerful advice for other young men considering college.

“My advice to other young men considering college is to never give up,” Cohill said. “As a freshman in college, you are given a blank canvas to create your own story. There will be plenty of nights when you want to give up, but I promise that extra hour of studying the night before an exam will be worth it.”

This marks the first time the Green Blazer has been awarded at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

The BMEN Peer Mentoring Program is designed to provide academic and social support to black male students entering UAB. BMEN’s overall goal is to improve the quality of life for a new student by partnering him with a returning student, and by staff’s providing information on navigating the collegiate experience inside and outside of the classroom. The student-mentors are selected each spring and go through extensive training to offer the best services possible. Faculty and staff members and professionals from the community are invited to work with the group.

BMEN Honors

Fall 2015 Graduates

Carl Frizell • Melvin Griffin • Kentize Jackson • Chris Jones • Murimi Muya • Darius Nettles • Marcus Phillips • Justin Sims • Jaylen Strong • Dion Williams

Spring 2016 Graduates

Theron M. Anderson • Lloyd Balfour • Jared Ball • Tyler Brown • Zachary Brown • Brandon Cohill • James Drayton • Damius Evans • Miles Gamble • Joshua Harris • Terry Hogan • Kevin Houston • Olamide Nathan Larinde • Brandon Patton • Justin Richardson • Garrett Stephens • Anthony Strickland • Wesley Strong • Alan Townes • Shalin Waterford • Bryan Williams Finance

Presidential Honors

Jeremy Blackmon • Damius Evans • Bobby Ijeoma • Mike Lee • Daniel Moore • Joshua Scott

Dean’s List

Jared Ball • Devin Bonner • Al Dixon • Solomon Griffin • Cameron Johnson • Alex Jones • Oladele Osisami • Joshua Peoples • Zackery Perry • John A. Roberts • Kendall Steadman • Garrett Stephens • Emmanuel Talley • Cameron Ward

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