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Students/Faculty News Kevin Storr June 05, 2019

Krystle Glasgow, MIS, CNMT, NMTCB(CT), NMAA, clinical coordinator and teacher in the UAB School of Health ProfessionsM.S. in Nuclear Medicine Technology (NMT) program, has been named to the Society of Nuclear Medicine & Molecular Imaging’s (SNMMI) inaugural “Ones to Watch” list.

The “Ones to Watch” are 30 rising stars in nuclear medicine and molecular imaging includes physicians under the age of 35. Glasgow, who is 31, believes she was chosen because of her willingness to work toward the betterment of the field she loves.

“Since I was 18 – when I first learned about nuclear medicine – I have been passionate about this industry and poured my heart and soul into what I do and teach,” said Glasgow, who received the Southeastern Chapter of SNMMI – Technologist Section (SECSNMMI-TS) 2017 Distinguished Service honor. “I don’t mind working behind the scenes and I don’t need the credit for my work, so this is a shock. It is humbling and I am honored to be recognized.”

The honorees are chosen with help from the Committee on Councils and Centers, plus the SNMMI-TS Professional Development Task Force. The SNMMI says the 30 “Ones to Watch” are the future thought leaders “who are already making a difference in our profession and within SNMMI.”

Norman Bolus, MSPH, MPH, CNMT, FSNMMI–TS, program director of UAB’s NMT and M.S. in Health Physics programs, who taught Glasgow as an undergraduate and has worked with her since 2015, agrees with the SNMMI assessment.

Krystle Glasgow labKrystle Glasgow (center) with UAB NMT students“Krystle Glasgow has consistently been willing to give back to her profession ever since she graduated from the UAB NMT Program and is quite deserving of this distinguished achievement and recognition by the SNMMI,” said Bolus, who is the current president of the SNMMI-TS. “She is a determined hard worker and she throws her passion and love of our profession into everything she does. I am truly impressed with her and look forward to seeing her continue to get such accolades for all she does.”

In addition to Glasgow, the 30 early career professionals to watch in 2019 include physicians, scientists, physicists and students. Being on the “Who’s Who” list for her field is even more motivation for her to expand her service.

Glasgow was encouraged, and accepted the opportunity, to run for Secretary for the SNMMI-TS Executive Board. The board election is this summer, but win or lose, Glasgow is inspired by the society’s message to her when she was named:

“This is an exciting, challenging, and rewarding time to work in nuclear medicine and molecular imaging. As the field continues to expand, you are part of a new wave of talent at the forefront of this cutting-edge specialty. We are proud to recognize you and can’t wait to see what you do next!”

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