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Students/Faculty News Kevin Storr July 23, 2019

Tapan Mehta, Ph.D., a scientist with appointments in UAB’s Diabetes Research Center and Nutrition Obesity Research Center (NORC), has been named director of research for the Department of Health Services Administration.

He has published more than 50 peer-reviewed articles, including several first-author articles, in highly competitive journals such as New England Journal of Medicine, and Obesity Reviews. He has been involved in leading and serving on several national society committees as well.

Mehta is a data scientist with years’ of experience in biostatistics and data mining. His research projects range from large randomized controlled trials related to telehealth to analysis of large existing datasets.

He directs the statistical analysis and design core of the UAB/Lakeshore Research Collaborative within the School of Health Professions. The department expects Mehta to set and clearly define new research performance goals and metrics.

“Tapan’s considerable experience will strengthen our scholarly productivity and his leadership will grow our overall funded proposals – both individually and collaboratively – and further develop our emerging scholars,” said Christy Harris Lemak, Ph.D., chair, Department of Health Services Administration.

In his new role, Mehta will supervise and direct all department research staff and assess the potential for a formal mentoring program. He is also being asked to develop and implement improved infrastructure and efficiency in the department’s award process where he will have a more hands-on impact both pre- and post-award. All efforts and results will be tracked with research-related metrics.

“We have all the necessary ingredients to make a high impact on health care, through our research specifically in improving access and quality of health care, reducing the cost of health care, and increasing the patient safety. Our Department brings expertise from a variety of disciplines such as implementation science, data science, policy, health information technology, finance, etc.,” said Mehta, who holds a primary faculty position with HSA and is chair of the UAB Faculty Senate Research Committee.  “I look forward to working with my colleagues, leveraging strengths from their disciplines in offering and testing creative solutions that can positively affect health care through our research and scholarly activity.”

Mehta’s own research interests span from clinical and health services related scientific inquiries in topics related to cardiometabolic conditions, disability, and rehabilitation. Some of his recent research projects are in the area of healthcare quality improvement and patient safety.

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