Amanda Finn

Santa Clarita, CA

Where were your previous studies?

I attended community college before finishing my bachelor's degree at California State University, Long Beach (CSULB).

Why have you chosen to pursue a PhD?

The process of creating a study allowed me to grow as a thinker, learner, writer, and communicator. I intend to use my education and training at UAB to continue to research diabetes and obesity. And whether I become a professor or not, I hope to be able to mentor underrepresented undergraduate/graduate students.

What are your general research interests?

Gut hormones and satiety, dopamine responses to anything, and type 2 diabetes.

Any special interests, hobbies, or fun facts?

My hobbies include reading books (on the third Game of Thrones book currently), lifting weights, running, hiking, and embroidering occasionally.

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