The UAB Department of Nutrition Sciences consistently ranks among the top human nutrition departments in the country in terms of research funding from the National Institutes of Health. Currently, the department’s annual extramural research funding exceeds $5 million.

The nutrition department also provides a home for the:

  • Clinical Nutrition Research Unit, one of only eight such centers in the country, funded by the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases; and

  • Clinical Research Facility, an outpatient clinical research facility that supports a wide variety of human research funded by federal agencies, foundations, and industry.

Research programs encompass basic, clinical, and translational research with interests pertaining to diseases that account for a major burden of patient suffering and social costs. Areas of expertise include the following:

  • obesity;

  • diabetes;

  • energy metabolism and body composition;

  • cancer;

  • nutrient metabolism;

  • arthritis and osteoporosis; and

  • genetic susceptibility to disease.

The department’s research capabilities extend over a broad spectrum including molecular sciences, physiology, novel treatments and interventions, and the study of health in populations. This spectrum allows for molecular discoveries that lead to development and implementation of new treatment strategies.

Other department core facilities support research such as:

  • small animal phenotyping;

  • assessment of energy metabolism and body composition; and

  • assay technologies involving isotope ratio mass spec, GC/mass spec, and a multi-analyte platform for simultaneous quantification of multiple hormones and metabolites.