The Department of Occupational Therapy offers an online post professional clinical doctorate in occupational therapy to meet the needs of busy working occupational therapists who want to advance their careers and education. The online OTD aims to prepare experienced occupational therapists for important leadership roles in health care, academia and advocacy for professional and community organizations. Applications will be accepted beginning in January 2018 with the first cohort enrolling in Fall 2018. The program is designed for part-time enrolment, with students taking one or two courses a semester. Learn more at UAB OT Department Online Clinical Doctorate.

The OTD program includes a Low Vision Rehabilitation track that allows students to complete the low vision certificate and apply those course hours toward the clinical doctorate degree.

There are two options for using the graduate certificate degree as a credit hour track in the OTD.

OPTION ONE: You can complete both degrees at the same time

  • You may take the courses offered in the graduate certificate and in the OTD at the same time. The graduate certificate courses must be completed in sequence and you may only take one certificate course per semester.
  • Students interested in completing both degrees must complete two separate applications to the graduate school: one application to be accepted into the low vision graduate certificate program and a separate application to be accepted into the occupational therapy clinical doctorate. Each application will require a separate fee.

OPTION TWO: You can complete the graduate certificate program first and then apply to continue on to complete the OTD

  • You must apply and be accepted to the OTD within five years of obtaining your low vision certificate for the credit hours in the graduate certificate to transfer to the OTD.

If you already hold the graduate certificate degree and want to use the degree to meet course requirements in the OTD

  • You must complete the certificate degree within 5 years of acceptance into the OTD to use the certificate hours as the required clinical track in the OTD.
  • THIS MEANS that students who finished the certificate in 2013 or later are eligible to apply for acceptance into the Fall 2018 OTD program and apply those the certificate courses to the clinical doctorate.
  • If you completed the low vision certificate prior to 2013, you are eligible for the general track in the OTD program.