PT 05The Department of Physical Therapy, a fully accredited program since 1967, offers an entry level Doctor of Physical Therapy.  An interdisciplinary Ph.D. program in Rehabilitation Science was initiated fall semester 2011.

The department has a dynamic mix of faculty with outstanding educational preparation, research, and expertise in clinical practice. We are housed in a  state of the art facility within a nationally ranked research-focused university. The department’s research laboratories focus on clinically relevant studies of human motion and exercise physiology. Students and faculty participate in a variety of education and research endeavors throughout the UAB campus in collaboration with campus venues such as the Center for Aging, the Injury Control Research Center, and other clinical specialty areas.

We hope you will continue to navigate through the various sections of our website to get a more in-depth view of our department programs, faculty, students, and alumni. If you have additional questions, please contact us by email or phone. Our students and faculty welcome the opportunity to talk with you and share information that is important to assist you in selecting an educational program.