Mission Statement

To embed simulation-based techniques and tools in education and training for the UAB community to improve patient care outcomes, education, research and health system efficiency.


Dramatically improve learning, patient outcomes and efficiency at UAB and become an international leader in applying simulation to education, training, patient care delivery and research.




We value interprofessionalism and seek to find ways to foster it wherever possible. We believe the best way to train healthcare professionals is in an authentic environment where all appropriate professions are present. We aim to graduate practice ready students and change the
                      way healthcare professionals are trained.  

Knowledge into Practice        

We believe in using evidence-based educational practices such as mastery learning and deliberate practice to improve performance of healthcare professionals. By doing this, we continue to develop and expand the UAB simulation community. 


We value innovation and seek to be creative in our deployment of simulation throughout the enterprise and to partner with others to improve.

Patient Safety      

We use simulation as a test of our healthcare system, deploying it to explore and discover latent safety threats. We believe in improving patient safety by ensuring healthcare professionals master procedures in sim or in situ prior to performing on patients.