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SimUAB® - See One. Sim Some. Harm None.

The Office of Interprofessional Simulation (OIPS) and the Clinical Simulation program of UAB Medicine have collaboratively developed courses and resources to support the development of simulationists under this trademark. These courses train-the-trainer on facilitation techniques, scenario building, debriefing, and more. The facilitators will then go back to their teams and present innovative, high-quality, interprofessional simulations which will impact patient care. 

SimUAB® has also designed topical simulations on stigma and opioid use disorder, thoughtfully produced to foster empathy and understanding for learners at every level and in every discipline.

SimUAB® is a trademark that is owned by The University of Alabama at Birmingham.

UAB Simulation Consortium

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The UAB Simulation Consortium is comprised of UAB Medicine Clinical Simulation, the Office of Interprofessional Simulation, the Office of Standardized Patient Education, and the Children's of Alabama Pediatric SimulationCenter. The UAB Simulation Consortium collaborates to deliver high-quality healthcare simulation and simulation-based assessment activities, research healthcare simulation and its effect on healthcare education, and improve patient care. 

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