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In February 2012, The Board of Trustees of the University of Alabama System gave approval to establish the UAB SUSTAINABLE SMART CITIES RESEARCH CENTER (SSC).

UAB SSC brings together multidisciplinary faculty with diverse expertise (green construction materials; sustainable building and design concepts; social impacts of technology; modeling and simulation; medical sociology, health informatics, and social psychology; public health, emergency preparedness and response, and community resiliency; and government and public policy) to develop tools and methods for sustainable infrastructure design.

  • The UAB SSC Research Program assists in identifying and supporting research opportunities to Advance the Science of Cities through the partnership with UAB schools and other academic institutions nationally and internationally.
  • The UAB SSC Training Program provides specialized training and career development in Sustainable Smart Cities at UAB and partner institutions.
  • The UAB SSC Community Engagement Program links academicians with the community, and empowers the community to understand and transform the built environment to improve the health and livability of the city.

We want to invite you to consider becoming a member of the UAB SUSTAINABLE SMART CITIES RESEARCH CENTER (SSC), an enabling platform for interdisciplinary collaboration to understand and transform the impact of urbanization at the scientific, economic, and human levels.

Membership Requirements

  • Membership is available to UAB faculty interested in any of the aspects of sustainable smart urban development. 
  • Appointments are made in the categories of Senior Scientist and Associate Scientist, based on faculty status and academic rank
  • Send a letter describing your experience and interest in sustainable smart cities research.
  • Send curriculum vitae to:  We will reply by email when your application is approved. 

Submit your Membership Application online and send a letter of interest indicating your experience in disciplines related to your curriculum vitae to  We will reply by email when your application is approved. 

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