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The coordinated Public Health/Health Administration degree program is offered through the UAB School of Public Health and the UAB School of Health Professions. Students in this coordinated program earn an MPH with a concentration in Population Health. In this individualized concentration, students gain a solid foundation in public health through completion of the MPH core (based on the Evidence-based Public Health framework), an Applied Practice Experience (Internship), and an Integrative Learning Experience (Capstone). Students also select from among all master’s-level Public Health courses (e.g., health economics, strategic planning, health policy) to build a unique curriculum that supports their career goals. Specialized advising is provided to assist students in designing their individualized curriculum.

The coordinated MPH/MSHA program results in two advanced degrees, giving students the management and leadership skills necessary for a broad range of administrative positions in health services organizations, research, government, international health, and private industry. The addition of an MPH to the MSHA degree provides students with a richer perspective on population and global health issues including the epidemiology of disease, health behavior, the impact of environmental and occupational factors on patient health, disease progression, management of disease states, and drug and insurance policy issues, as well as the social, legal and ethical issues affecting patient access to health care.


A total of 92 credit hours of coursework are required for the coordinated MPH/MSHA. Normally, 42 credit hours are required for the MPH and 71 credit hours for the MSHA; however, because of the coordinated nature of the degrees, 12 credit hours from the MSHA curriculum are credited to the MPH, and 9 credit hours from the MPH curriculum are credited to the MSHA. This allows students to earn both degrees in reduced time and at reduced cost.

Online students pay less than the out-of-state tuition rate for the MPH portion of this coordinated degree.

Download Sample Curriculum Planning Sheet (pdf)


Students may complete the MPH portion of this coordinated degree program totally online, in class, or through a mix of online and in-class experiences.

To apply, students must have at least a Bachelor’s degree. The GRE is not required for MPH applicants. The GRE or GMAT is accepted for admission to the MSHA program.

Students must apply separately to each program.

  • To apply for this degree, you will submit a supplemental application directly through the UAB Graduate School.
  • Learn how to apply to the School of Public Health. Students must apply to the MPH program through the UAB Graduate School. Select "MPH dual degree program" from the drop down menu. Select "MPH dual program" and then the MSHA/MPH track. SOPH will accept the GMAT in lieu of the GRE for students who wish to strengthen their application by including test scores.
  • Students also apply to the MSHA program through the UAB Graduate School.
  • Students should note that the Population Health program curriculum has been updated. If a student is submitting to switch from a different degree program or department into a Coordinated Degree or the General MPH in Population Health Degree, the student will be responsible for completing the current Population Health program requirements. Students should meet with the current program manager prior to submitting a petition to switch programs.

Application Deadlines

Photo by Christopher Reid, 2022Greg Jenkins, MPH - Photo by Christopher Reid, 2022

Student Spotlight

Greg Jenkins, MPH

My initial career plan was to be a physician, but while volunteering at a children’s hospital, I began to see the challenges that families face regarding access to care. I decided to pursue UAB's coordinated Health Administration and Public Health (MSHA/MPH) master's degree due to the dual natured approach to business and public health. I saw this as a skillset to address access issues from the top down. I believe my MPH coursework prepared me for the MSHA program, and for an administrative internship at Massachusetts General Hospital. Most recently my preceptor for my residency told me that they were excited to bring me on-board because of my MPH background. I feel the two programs compliment each other very well.
- Greg Jenkins, MPH (’24), MHSA (’25)


For additional information concerning the coordinated MPH/MSHA program contact the School of Public Health at soph@uab.edu.

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