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SHOW Expanded Square 1

Fellow Blazers,

We hope you are settled in the Spring Term 2021 and blazin’ through your new classes. We wanted to take the time to remind you about UAB’s student-led safety campaign: SHOW your Blazer spirit.

In the fall, the two of us, as well as several students from across campus, gathered to work with UAB Student Affairs to create a messaging campaign that would remind you all how to stay safe during this pandemic. As a result, the “SHOW Your Blazer Spirit” campaign was born.

As we’re sure you remember, SHOW stands for Staying six feet apart, Hand washing, Owning responsibility and Wearing a mask. When you are adopting these safety measures, you are SHOWing your Blazer spirit by protecting your fellow students and helping to make UAB a safer place.

Now more than ever, we need every student to adopt these habits. We want to join UAB’s leadership in their mission to make UAB the safest campus in the nation.

Here’s what you can do to help:

  1. Follow @UABStudents and @ExploreUAB on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook as well as our USGA and GSG social platforms and share the SHOW your Blazer spirit campaign messages.
  2. Use your own social platforms to spread the message by displaying how you are SHOWing your Blazer spirit (Here is a link to digital assets.)
  3. Be on the lookout for contests, swag giveaways and more.
  4. Most importantly, SHOW your Blazer spirit by adopting all four safety practices

Together, we can make sure this semester is safe, not only for you but for all Blazers. Let us all unite and SHOW our Blazer spirit!


Tyler Huang
USGA President

Jazmine Benjamin
GSG President