Our Mission

USGA aims to represent the undergraduate student body by advocating for student interests and empowering the student voice. We provide opportunities to influence both their academic and social experiences at UAB. In order to accomplish our mission, USGA leaders work closely with faculty and administration to propel both short- and long-term student goals. In addition to policy work, USGA works on services, programs, and funds distribution to student organizations in order to develop and foster a more collaborative UAB community.

Vision for the 2019-2020 Administration 

To engage, empower, and advocate for the student body, we will foster an inclusive community where our peers know USGA as an approachable resource.

We work to serve the student body by aligning ourselves with three core values: impactful advocacy, servant leadership, and collaborative change. 

Latest News

USGA Textbook Award

USGA now offers financial assistance for textbooks! Scan the QR code below or view more information on Engage.