The Office of Parent and Family Services is excited to launch a new Family Portal to enhance your UAB experience. This new portal is launching Monday, August 19, and will allow you to customize information you receive from UAB based on your interests and will be delivered at the frequency you would like to receive communications from UAB. In the coming months you will also be able to view your student’s grades, class schedules and check their account balance all through a single platform.

Due to the new platform, e-newsletters from the UAB Office of Parent and Family Services will now be customized to include information relevant to you. You can set the frequency of how often you would like updates, as well as log on log on at any time to view account changes. Beginning on Monday, August 19 you can register and create your UAB Family Hub by visiting and clicking on the “Family Portal” icon. Simply create a new account using your email. If you do not register, your email will be automatically imported of the next few days. You will receive a welcome email with instructions on how to complete the registration process.

One of the greatest features of this portal is that everything you need is now in one centralized location. You will receive additional emails during the fall semester about integrating your account with your student’s records.  Your student will still have to grant you access to their account, but with that said, this is a parent of family-member initiated request, and is much easier for your student to grant. The Parent/Guardian access through Blazer Net will still be active through the fall and spring semester.

The goal of the family portal is the make things easier on you. If you have any questions, concerns, or feedback, please let us know.


Meredith Kahl

Pre-Ordered Book Pick-Up & 
More UAB Bookstore Tips

Bookstore customized

Creating Customized Family Gear

Did you know you can create customized UAB family gear? The UAB Bookstore website allows for family members to create and purchase a variety of UAB family gear through their online shop at  To order your customized shirt simply enter the family member relationship into the search bar and the various options will appear (includes mom, dad, grandparent, proud parent, sister and brother).  There are many more options available online than in the UAB Bookstore on campus.  All orders should arrive within 6 days from the order date.  


VIP Night for New Students

Following the New Student Convocation on Tuesday, August 27 the UAB Bookstore will be open specifically for our new students from 9 - 11 p.m. During this time students will be able to receive special discounts, participate in various games and activities and learn more about this great resource for our students.  Your student will receive more information about this event via email within the next week.  

Pre-Ordered Book Pick-Up

If your  student pre-ordered their textbooks for the Fall 2019 academic year they can begin picking up their packages on Wednesday, August 19 from the Hill Student Center Room 101.  The UAB Bookstore Package Pick-up Office will be open:

Wednesday, August 21         8 a.m. - 6 p.m. 
Friday, August 23 

Saturday, August 24              8 a.m. - 7 p.m.

Sunday, August 25                 10 a.m. - 7 p.m.

Fall 2019 Freshmen Move in Map 003

Move-In Tips

New Student move-in begins next week and we are very excited for all our new students to be joining us on campus. To ensure the move-in process goes as smoothly as possible we want to share some various move in tips and tricks to make this an efficient experience for everyone.   Please note your student received an email from the Office of Student Housing and Residence Life earlier this week highlighting key information regarding their housing assignment, move-in date & time, their mailing address, and much more.  Make sure your student takes the time to read this communication in full before they move to campus this fall.  Below are some of the key tips and information you should know prior to move-in day.  

Members of the Family Resource Council and the Office of Parent & Family Services will be available during move-ins on Wednesday, August 21 and Saturday, August 24.  Please stop by our tables in New Freshmen Residence Hall and Blazer Hall to pick up your Family Survival Kits, write a postcard to your student, and receive additional information about services available to you as a family member of a UAB student.  

Traffic Reminders


Move-In Information

To help ensure that move-in day goes as smoothly as possible we have a few helpful hints below: 

  • Ensure your student reads and prints their email from Student Housing and Residence Life: Student Housing and Residence Life will be sending all students a separate email on Friday, August 16 with additional information about their move-in.  Students should print out this email and place it on the dashboard of all cars when moving in on Wednesday, August 21 and Saturday, August 24.  With the volume of students moving in on those days, it will help our volunteers and staff direct you where you need to go during move-in day
  • Please pardon our progress:  because of construction around the residence halls, traffic will be affected and some roads are narrowed or one way.  The wait time to reach unloading zones may be long.  We appreciate your patience as we make every effort to move our students in swiftly and safely.
  • If moving in on Wednesday, 8/21 or Saturday, 8/24, please pay particular attention to the route for your student's assigned residence hall on the map below.  Move-in traffic will approach campus from the west (from I-65), and side streets will be monitored to prevent cars from entering the line from alternative locations.
  • Because of the limited amount of space due to construction, do not bring box trucks or trailers.  Oversized transport will be directed to park and unload away from the residence hall entrances to facilitate the optimal flow of traffic. 
  • In order to minimize your wait time, please do not arrive before your student's assigned move-in time listed below.
  • Please ensure all boxes and un-boxed belongings, are labeled with your student's residence hall, room number, and name.
  • We will have volunteers on Wednesday and Saturday to help unload your student's items to their room. We ask that one person stays with each car at all times.
  • Parking will be available in the 16th Street Parking Deck.

Mailing & Packages

All packages, for residents on campus, are delivered to the Package Room which can be accessed from outside of Blazer Hall. When a package arrives we will log in the information and send your student a confirmation email and instructions on how to pick up their packages. That email will give you instructions on how, where, and when you can pick up your package. Package room hours vary depending on the time of year.

The package room is open:
Monday-Friday 9-7pm
Saturday: 10-4pm
Sunday 4-8pm 

Package Reminders:

  • Make sure the package has your student's complete name (do not use just your first name, or a nickname). If it does not match our roster it will be returned to the sender. 

WiFi & Internet Connections

UAB Residence Halls have their own WiFi network called MyResNet.

For your convenience, your student can set up their account before arriving on campus: 
1. Go to
2. Fill out all of the sign-up information.
3. Create their account.
4. Once your student moves onto campus they will be able to access WiFi.

If you have questions regarding internet service, there are 3 different options for help: Call 1-866-478-8865, Chat, or Email

MyResNet Connection Guide

Lofting & Bunking Beds

Residents are required to notify Student Housing and Residence Life should they desire to have their beds bunked within the first three (3) weeks of each semester. Requests should be submitted via the UAB Housing Maintenance Request system ( by September 13, 2019. If any requests are approved after that date, there will be a $25 charge. The Student Housing and Residence Life facilities team will begin bunking beds the week of September 9th (after room change week).  

Should a student wish to have their bed unbunked or wish to cancel a previous request, please submit that information to the UAB Housing Maintenance Request system (  These requests can be made at any time during the academic semester.

Residents in all buildings can now have their beds lofted. For information on ordering your bed to be lofted, please contact the Collegiate Bed Loft Company at

Community Engagement Text Messaging

You and your student can opt in to receive UAB community information and updates by texting the keyword UABWELCOME (not case sensitive, no spaces) to 888-777.

Safety On Campus

Safety is a top priority at UAB. We have an accredited police force that patrols our campus 24 hours a day. A supervisor and several officers from the UAB Police Department’s special Student Housing Police Precinct routinely patrol the residence halls and parking areas on foot and on bicycle. Officers conduct programs and activities to help your student remain and feel safe on campus. Nevertheless, it is hard to prevent all thefts and accidents, which is why we encourage you to consider acquiring insurance to cover your student's belongings. 

College Plus is the personal property insurance plan specifically designed for college students. They offer insurance on phone and laptop damage and all of the personal property that is in your student’s residence hall room from theft, accidents and flooding.

  • Deductibles as low as $25
  • Premiums as low as $66/year
  • Unlimited claims
  • Coverage starting up to $2,000 per accident

College Plus Protection is an advantage over your typical homeowners coverage that contains high deductibles and does not cover small electronics and accidental damages.  They offer a comprehensive policy that is designed specifically for the college student. To learn more or sign up for the insurance, click here.

Another great resource for you is the free app Rave Guardian, which has multiple safety functions, including a safety timer and quick access to campus police.

Contact Us!

If you have any other questions feel free to contact us at 205-996-0400 or We cannot wait to see you soon!


Image result for spring break safety resources 

Spring Break is supposed to be time for college students to relax and recharge. Not all college students choose rowdy escapes. More and more campuses are promoting alternative spring break activities such as drug-and alcohol-free parties and sporting events and “service” vacations.

That being said, parents and family members should be aware of the risks and temptations college students face when vacationing with their peers.


According to a University of Wisconsin study, 75 percent of college males and 43.6 percent of females reported being intoxicated on a daily basis during spring break. Nearly half of the males and more than 40 percent of the females also reported being drunk to the point of vomiting or passing out at least once during break. This kind of binge drinking is the major culprit in alcohol poisoning. It also increases the risk of car accidents and arrests for such violations as drunk driving, public intoxication and property destruction.

Tips to pass along to students: Don’t drink, but if you are of legal drinking age and you do decide to drink:

  • Decide in advance what and how much you will drink.
  • Plan how you will refuse once you reach your limit.
  • Know what will happen if you violate state or local laws
  • Use a designated driver or choose public transportation.

Sex and Violence

According to the same University of Wisconsin study, few students who had sex during spring break used condoms, even if a condom was available. Among women, those with higher alcohol consumption were more likely to have been the victim of a sexual assault. Tips for parents to pass along to students:

  • Drinking makes it easier for a person to become either the victim or the perpetrator of a sexual assault. Be aware of your consumption!
  • Don’t allow yourself to be taken to an isolated location.
  • Use the buddy system. Don’t walk alone. Attend large parties with friends and plan to leave with the same friends.
  • Don’t leave a drink unattended. Don’t accept open drinks from strangers. If you start feeling odd, put the buddy system into action.

Hotel/Motel and General Safety

In general, students should rely on traveler’s checks and credit cards. They should write down the numbers and keep them in a safe place. In addition to the obvious—lock your door and don’t leave valuables in your hotel or motel room—pass on these tips to your child:

  • Don’t flash cash; limit visits to ATM machines.
  • Look through the peephole before answering the door. Don’t open it for a stranger. If someone claims to be hotel staff, call the front desk for verification.
  • Never agree to meet someone who has “found” your lost/stolen purse or wallet: Notify police.

Traveling Abroad

Mexico and some Caribbean islands are popular spring break destinations. When traveling abroad, students should remember that foreign nations have different laws and customs and that drug trafficking can mean long prison sentences. Contact the country’s consular office or visit the State Department’s Bureau of Consular Affairs Web site.

Tips for parents to pass along to students:

  • Check the country’s entry and exit requirements. Take extra copies of travel documents (driver’s license, passport, birth certificate).
  • Review State Department travel warnings, which detail crime and health risks.

Travel Scams

According to the American Society of Travel Agents and the College Parents of America, charter flight delays, hotel over-bookings and non-delivery of services are common problems.

Tips for students:

  • Be skeptical about solicitations that sound too good to be true.
  • Research the travel company and don’t give out credit card numbers until you’re sure the business is reputable.
  • Receive complete details in writing about any trip prior to payment.



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